Switzerland saves “AAA” despite Covid-19

Switzerland saves “AAA” despite Covid-19 Saturday, 04.07.2020 FL According to Fitch, refinancing conditions in Switzerland continue to improve. (Keystone) A diversified economy with high added value, a position of net external creditor and a “solid starting position” before the coronavirus pandemic broke out. These are the factors that led the Fitch rating agency to leave […]

In the Volgograd region voted for a return to Moscow time :: Society :: RBC

Volgograd (Photo: Cyril Braga / Getty Images) Most residents of the Volgograd region voted to switch from local to Moscow time. This was announced at a meeting on the basis of a vote on constitutional amendments and a poll about the time, deputy of the regional Duma Sergei Bulgakov, RIA Novosti reports. A survey on […]

A video of a fire appeared on Tverskaya Street in Moscow :: Society :: RBC

Video There was a video of a fire in a building on Tverskaya Street in Moscow. The video was provided by RBC by an eyewitness to the incident, director of the PR agency Red Word Vadim Gorzhankin. The frames show that smoke is coming from the windows of the second floor of the building, above […]