Indonesia and the Philippines are Busy Against Corona, China is Playing Intimidation and Increasingly Arbitrary in the South China Sea, the United States Immediately Seeks Face to ASEAN Countries

China Military South China Sea Conflict Will be even hotter Gridhot.ID – China is indeed increasingly arbitrary lately. How not, they claim 80 percent of the South Pacific Ocean is only based on historical maps of the past glory of the Qing Dynasty. Suddenly the countries that were hit by the map of the Qing […]

Use: Court unlocks book on Trump but still uncertain – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, JULY 02 – A New York Court of Appeal abolished the temporary blockade yesterday of the publication of the book by Donald Trump’s granddaughter, Mary Trump, on the American president that had been imposed on Wednesday by the Simon & Schuster at the request of the tycoon’s younger brother, Robert Trump: however, […]

The CNV after the blood, sweat, and tears,’ I agree with the pensioendeal NOW

In the ochtendpodcast This is on the news we are talking to you about the most important news of today, and we’ll discuss the news of the day. The members of the trade union CNV), are a Monday, they agreed on the implementation of the new pensioendeal. Monday’s vote, representatives of about 250,000 members with […]

As insurers see it weavingfault understanding about the agreement is THE

The insurers will see it in the words of the Dutch association of Insurers, is a weavingfault in the agreements, such as those on Friday have been brought about with the implementation of the previous years agreement. This leaves the organization, the Saturday, know. In accordance with the Covenant, has been insufficiently taken into account […]