Advice from nutritionists to have healthy and balanced diets in quarantine

Margarita Coneo Rincón – Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of a person’s life and in the midst of this circumstance, having to be at home, tends to lose the habit of fixed meal times that were determined by aspects such as work, in the one that there is a specific time […]

Twitter boosted connectivity growth in the pandemic, users increased 16%

Ana María Sánchez – The virus effect, which slowed the world economy, killed thousands of lives and changed the way of living as it was known. It is also the culprit that the digital world and the operations carried out within this spectrum have been boosted and accelerated more than what was done in […]

Johnson Faces Leadership Threat Without UK Blockade Exit Plan

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces a threat to his leadership from conservative lawmakers demanding a clear plan to emerge from an economically damaging third pandemic lockdown. Steve Baker, a senior member of Parliament, said in a letter to his Conservative colleagues that a lockdown that lasted until the spring could be “a disaster.” He […]

Platform for the digitalization of the intelligent management of irrigation and fertilization of pisco grape, based on cooperativism and the internet of things

General purpose Create and launch a digital platform for the intelligent programming of irrigation and nutritional control, based on cooperatives and IoT, allowing the sustainable use of resources. Specific objectives Create the online Content Manager for self-management of irrigation and fertilization, based on the experience of using new technologies in pisco grapes. Develop and digitally […]

US to relaunch small business aid program on Monday with new controls

The US government is introducing new “strong safeguards” when the third round of the nation’s main pandemic small business aid program launches Monday after scammers and ineligible businesses claimed cash last year, administration officials said. on Friday. The Small Business Administration (SBA) will kick off the third round of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) on […]

This is the strategy of the Ministry of Health to store and distribute covid-19 vaccines

Vanessa Pérez Díaz – There are several doubts that have arisen about the arrival of the covid-19 vaccines in Colombia, especially in relation to the process of purchase, storage and allocation of doses. Faced with this, LR analyzed the document that the Ministry of Health and Social Protection delivered entitled National Vaccination Plan, in […]