Agustín Lozano: Judicial Power acquitted the president of the FPF of the crime of incompatible negotiation

The Judicial Branch of Lambayeque acquitted the president of the Peruvian Football Federation, Agustin Lozanoinvestigated for the alleged crimes of incompatible negotiation or improper use of the position and ideological falsehood. In a virtual hearing, Judge Gerardo Gálvez Rodríguez, of the Lambayeque Single-Person Temporary Criminal Court, issued the sentence after hearing the arguments of the […]

Peruvian team | FPF: Group that went to Qatar with the national team would have been 180 people, all paid for by Agustín Lozano’s Peruvian Football Federation | Eddie Fleischmann | SPORTS

The secrets of qualifying failure are coming out. The sports journalist, Eddie Fleischman, denounced, in his program ‘Willax Deportes’, that the delegation that accompanied the Peruvian team to Barcelona and Qatar, where the match against Australia was played, was approximately 180 people, an excessive number for a feat in which concentration was vital. YOU WILL […]