$1.5M for a project in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit!

Research Center Wednesday September 27, 2023 MONTREAL, September 27, 2023 – Since 2016, the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at CHU Sainte-Justine has benefited from a resource optimization table powered by artificial intelligence, a unique tool in Quebec. To take it even further, the Scale AI consortium today announced $1.5M in funding as part of the […]

American writers, including John Grisham, sue ChatGPT maker

AFPJohn Grisham NOS News•yesterday, 02:30•Adjusted yesterday, 08:10 A group of seventeen writers, including John Grisham and Game of Thronescreator George RR Martin, is suing the creator of ChatGPT for copyright infringement. With ChatGPT, from maker OpenAI, users can generate texts by asking the program questions. The answers provided are based on millions of texts used […]

Meta’s AI that produces program code is up and running

On Thursday, Meta’s large language model (LLM) specifically intended for program development, Code Llama, was released, which is based on the company’s Llama 2 model announced in July. The tool is one of those assistants that can be used to create new program codes without human intervention, or to improve code fragments generated by real-life […]

Kominfo Prepares Rules for the Use of Artificial Intelligence

Jakarta – Artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence/AI) is the fruit of technological innovation which is currently being widely discussed. In order not to be misused, the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo) is currently preparing regulations on AI. Deputy Minister of Communication and Informatics (Wamenkominfo) Nezar Patria encourage the democratization of AI so that it can […]

That’s why Ruter uses quantum machines: – Fast, efficient, cheap

Ruter has developed technology to predict where ticket inspectors might catch people traveling without a ticket, Shifter reported last week. To do this, they combine artificial intelligence and quantum machines. Sci-fi? Well, Umair Imam, head of Data Science at Ruter, himself compares the service to those with the precognitives in the film Minority Report. – […]

AI-Generated Books: Amazon Takes Measures to Counter Bestseller List Dominance

More and more AI-generated books are appearing on Amazon, pushing human authors off bestseller lists. Amazon is now taking control mechanisms. A customer stands in front of a rule in an Amazon Books store. – keystone Ad the essentials in brief AI books are now ousting human authors from the bestseller lists. Amazon is now […]

‘Nvidia will stand’… AMD expands production of new AI chips ‘expectations’

[이데일리 이소현 기자] Amid the boom in generative artificial intelligence (AI) development around the world, American semiconductor company AMD is speeding up its competition with Nvidia by increasing production of new AI chips in the second half of this year. A smartphone with the AMD logo is placed on a computer motherboard. It is a […]