China helps resupply drones to Russia

The Biden administration vowed last month to crack down on companies selling critical technologies to Russia as part of its efforts to curb the country’s war against Ukraine. But continuous flow of drones Chinese to the country explains why it will be difficult. Although drone sales have declined, US policies put in place after the […]

EU summit: Costa and Guterres defend aid to more fragile countries

The Portuguese government advises the European Union (EU) not to forget the commitments it signed with the African Union, as well as the necessary support for fragile countries in Latin America. These are two examples given by the Prime Minister, António Costa, on the need for the war in Ukraine to be analyzed, also, from […]

Japan completes first aid flight to Turkey

In a written statement from NATO, it was stated that as part of an air bridge coordinated by the Alliance, Japan completed its first cargo flight to the earthquake zone as part of the first international emergency relief operation conducted in cooperation with NATO. More flights are planned from Japan in the coming days, the […]

“Housing aid” from the City of Vienna

Vienna. Developing an aid model similar to the “energy bonus” model against increasing rents, the City of Vienna announced a new “housing bonus” of 200 Euros. In addition to the housing bonus, it was announced that additional support packages were prepared for tenants in municipal buildings. Housing Council Member Kathrin Gaal (SPÖ) announced that from […]

help for breast cancer

help for breast cancer The Gure Bizitza association of retirees and pensioners from the Amara neighborhood recently delivered a check for 500 euros to the Metastatic Breast Cancer Association. The economic sum was collected in a solidarity market, which was organized by the students of the gymnastics group of the aforementioned association. Gure Bizitza thanked […]

Syria remains without aid to earthquake victims

Since the February 6 earthquake that caused heavy damage in Turkey and Syria, Aleppo airport was an important transport hub for aid flights, but they have also now been suspended, an official of the Syrian Ministry of Transport said. Devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria +33 Watch more “At exactly 2:07 a.m., enemy Israelis launched […]

Bahrain Talent Handover First Aid

Manama: Bahrain ‘Talent’ Group to Earthquake Affected Areas Richa handed over the basic necessities. Minister Counselor Fari has arrived at the Syrian Embassy in Bahrain. First aid kits were carried by ambulances to Al Hennawi. What has changed General Secretary Pradeep Patheri, President Adv. Joy Vettiyadan, Rakshadhikari Samiti members Binu Manil, Livin Kumar, central committee […]