The City Council commemorates the “Universal Children’s Day” with 350 boys and girls in the most participatory Plenary of the Municipal Council for Children

Description On November 20, the Universal Children’s Day is commemorated, with which it is commemorated that on November 20, 1989 the “Convention on the Rights of the Child” was approved as an International Treaty. This Convention, as the first International Law on the rights of children, is binding on the signatory States. For this reason, […]

Fall in number of HIV infections in the Netherlands continues | NOW

Last year, around 580 people were told that they had become infected with HIV. That is less than in the year before (664). In 2015, there were 941 new infections. However, according to the Aidsfonds, the AIDS epidemic in the Netherlands has not yet been resolved with this decline. “An estimated 1,730 people with HIV […]

New target discovered for possible HIV treatment

17. November 2020 07:21 Dennis L. Researchers from Austria were able to identify a previously unknown mechanism of the HI virus, which plays a central role in the reproduction in the human body. Innsbruck (Austria). Although medicine has made enormous advances in the treatment of AIDS in recent years and HIV can be treated better […]

Protection against HIV: syringes instead of pills

HIV infection is no longer a mandatory death sentence as it was in the 1980s. The illness from the immune deficiency disease AIDS can be prevented with medication. Nevertheless, the HIV virus that causes AIDS has not yet been completely defeated. Research into an HIV vaccine is still going on – and is definitely making […]

“Health Net” Research on Early Aging Beauty of AIDS Patients Reveals the Key-New Knowledge Fax-Free Health Net

Studies have found that premature aging of AIDS patients is related to chronic inflammation, and chronic inflammation may lead to the early onset of diseases such as atherosclerosis. The picture shows a transgender sex worker infected with HIV. (AFP file photo) [Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]Although the current anti-retroviral therapy for HIV is very effective, data shows […]

Corona’s Lockdown Makes 73 Countries Threatened Out of HIV Drug

Jakarta – The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that there are 73 countries that are in danger of running out of stock of antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) that are commonly used for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) patients. The reason is because the global lockdown due to the Corona COVID-19 virus pandemic has cut off supply lines. […]

Introduces new HIV drug with greatly improved duration of action presents new HIV drug with a greatly improved duration of action One injection every six months: New drug works differently against HI viruses n-tv NEWS Fight against AIDS: New HIV active ingredient “is a strong substance” WORLD New HIV medication works differently and longer than the previous Promising results: RND tested new drug […]

New HIV medication works differently and longer than previous ones

But couldn’t the virus also become resistant to GS-6207? To find out, the researchers tested the substance in increasing concentrations in their cell cultures over a period of three months. After a few weeks, virus mutants had actually developed that were less sensitive to the drug. The team also found one of these mutations in […]