Air pollution may be a cause of obesity in women – Science – Life

Obesity has been a major global health problem in recent more people have unhealthy diets and don’t exercise regularly. A new study of University of Michigan suggests that there is another factor that tips the scales in women’s weight, body mass index, waist circumference and body fat: the air pollution. Women in their 40s […]

Jakarta Enters 20 Cities with Healthy Lifestyles, Beats Tokyo and London?

Jakarta – A study conducted by YouGov produced data for 44 cities with the healthiest lifestyles in the world. Entered in the top 20, the capital city of Indonesia even beats Tokyo, Paris to London, which are ranked far below Jakarta. Reporting from Lenstore, the UK-based research institute YouGov has just released a list of […]

Update: Where and when the Sahara dust falls over Germany again

The north is hardly affected by the recent Sahara dust event. “In southern Germany there are up to about 55 events a year up to the low mountain range, north of that more around 35,” says qualified meteorologist Andreas Friedrich from the German Weather Service on The Sahara dust will also reach northern Germany, […]

Anies Busy Making Bike Paths Instead of Tackling Jakarta’s Pollution

Jakarta – DKI Jakarta is again in the first position for the worst air quality in the world. PSI criticized DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan for being busy building bicycle lanes rather than solving major problems in Jakarta. “Our governor seems to have forgotten about Jakarta’s main problems, such as pollution, traffic jams, floods, clean […]

Children’s health is increasingly at risk

You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Climate change: how to protect our cities from heatstroke? To limit temperatures in urban areas during summer heat waves, this question must be considered right from the design of developments, residential or business buildings, roads, traffic plans, etc. A European study program, Urban Fluxes, lays the groundwork for […]

Jakarta’s Air Quality Ranks Worst in the World Today

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Air quality DKI Jakarta is listed as the worst in the world based on the AQ Index website. The air quality index (Air Quality Index/AQI) in the capital city on Wednesday (15/6) at 09.50 WIB was at 183 US AQI with PM 2.5 at 118 g/m and PM 10 at 20.6 […]

Air pollution is the biggest risk to human health

The air pollution — caused primarily by the use of fossil fuels — is harmful to our health. That’s not a scoop. This is why the World Health Organization (OMS) sets limits. At 15 micrograms per cubic meter (μg/m3) over a 24-hour period for the density of PM2.5 — those particles whose diameter does not […]

With the lockdowns, physical activity drops drastically down to -95% – Lifestyles

The lockdowns imposed in the world to combat covid have weighed heavily on the psycho-physical health of citizens with a significant impact on the risk of cardiovascular disease, anxiety and depression. Although the lockdowns have led to a reduction in noise and air pollution, the final balance is negative, mainly due to the reduction in […]

Forest fires occur frequently around Chernobyl nuclear power plant “Level of radioactive air pollution rises” Ukraine side announcement | Huffpost NEWS

More than 10,000 ha of forest around Chernobyl nuclear power plant burned down or announced by Ukraine Ludmila Denisowa, a human rights ombudsman of the Ukrainian parliament, announced on the 27th that hostilities on the Russian side caused 31 forest fires in the exclusion zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, with a burnt area […]