Aeroflot announced the resumption of flights to Nice :: Society :: RBC

Nice, France (Фото: Ina Fassbender / dpa / Global Look Press) Aeroflot Airlines will resume flights to Nice from November 20. This was reported in the press service of the carrier. “Flights SU2360 / SU2361 Moscow – Nice – Moscow will be operated once a week on Fridays,” the company said. Aeroflot recalled that in […]

An-124 / GORDON makes an emergency landing in the Russian Federation

There were 14 crew members on board the An-124 cargo plane; they were not injured as a result of the emergency landing. In Novosibirsk, on November 13, an An-124 cargo plane crashed into an emergency and rolled off the runway. This was reported by the Interfax agency. According to the agency, the plane was heading […]

Traveling abroad: Where can you go? (INFOGRAPHY)

As of Saturday, October 31, Austria is now requiring Czech travelers to test negative for coronavirus, which is not older than 72 hours. An exception to the regulation should be, for example, commuters, commuting students or people who regularly go on family visits. Other countries, such as Greece, also require a negative test for COVID-19 […]

Ministry of Defense presents aircraft for fumigation with glyphosate of illegal crops in Colombia – Conflict and Drug Trafficking – Justice

The national government refines compliance with the requirements of the Constitutional Court that would guarantee the return of aerial spraying against illicit crops. The Anti-Narcotics Police is in charge of the environmental management plan against the eradication of illegal crops and aerial spraying with the herbicide glyphosate, suspended since October 2015. Precisely within that plan […]

Tragedy. Two planes collided in flight. The balance of the victims

Tragedy. Two planes collided in flight. The balance of the victims Two small planes collided in flight, and the passengers died instantly. Police and authorities are investigating the accident. Tragic end for five passengers in two small planes in France. The two aircraft collided, killing everyone on board. A small plane carrying two people crashed […]

An-26 crash: the surviving cadet told about the fall

Photo: Vyacheslav Zolochevsky in the hospital The flight proceeded as usual, but the cadet never found out that there were problems and the plane crashes. Cadet Vyacheslav Zolochevsky, who survived the An-26 plane crash, said that until the last moment there was no panic on board. He announced this on Friday, October 2, in […]

In Crimea, planes are trying to cause rain

Photo: The rains came to Crimea Due to a prolonged drought, the peninsula has a catastrophic water situation. They are trying to cause precipitation artificially. Due to the lack of water in the Crimea, they are trying to artificially cause precipitation with the help of the Yak-42D aircraft, Interfax reports on Wednesday, September 30. […]

Deciphering of An-26 black boxes has begun

The flight recorders are in good condition and will take 3-5 days to decode, Urusky said. Experts have begun deciphering the “black boxes” of the An-26 aircraft that crashed in the Kharkiv region on September 25. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Oleg Urusky on Facebook. “The flight recorders (” black boxes “) were […]

Traveling abroad: Where can you go? (INFOGRAPHY)

The obligation to submit a test result or enter quarantine when traveling across the Slovak border does not apply to commuters up to 30 kilometers from the nearest border crossing, students, teachers, researchers, health professionals, farmers, social workers or so-called critical infrastructure, or some athletes and artists. Compliance with the regulation will be verified by […]