Billions of Alaskan Crab Disappear from Bering Sea – Billions of Alaskan crabs have disappeared from the waters of the Bering Sea around Alaska. This makes the crustacean harvest, for the first time canceled. The Alaska Fisheries Council and the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council announced last week that Alaskan crab populations in the cold and dangerous waters of the Bering Sea […]

The United States intercepted Russian bombers near Alaska

The North American Aerospace Defense Command clarified that it did not see the aircraft as a “threat”, which did not enter North American airspace. F-16 fighter jets USA intercepted two russian bombers in international airspace near the state of Alaskathe North American Aerospace Defense Command said Tuesday (NORAD). The Tu-95 bombers were intercepted on Monday […]

Two Russians fled to Alaska by boat

Reuters NOS News•Friday, 09:19 Two Russians have made the crossing from Russia to the United States by boat. The two are eventually arrested on St. Lawrence, an island in the Bering Sea that belongs to Alaska. According to the American authorities, the two have applied for asylum. In this way they hope to avoid Russian […]

Trump scoffs at climate change: “More properties on the beach”

Stand: 10.07.2022 | Reading time: 2 minutes Former US President Donald Trump at an event in Las Vegas. Source: John Locher/AP/dpa Even during his tenure, the then US President doubted the scientifically proven, man-made climate change and based his policies accordingly. He thinks there are “bigger problems”. Dhe former US President Donald Trump has mocked […]

Putin’s Allies Call for Revenge, Call for Russia to Seize Alaska from the US

loading… Vyacheslav Volodin, a politician allied with President Vladimir Putin, called for Russia to retake Alaska from the United States. Photo/REUTERS MOSCOW – Vyacheslav Volodin, a politician allied to President Vladimir Putin, caused a stir with his call for Russia reclaim Alaska from United States of America (USA) . The call comes amid tensions between […]

Kellner may have lived minutes or tens of minutes after the Alaska crash

The AS350B3 airbus operated by Wasilla’s Soloy Helicopters with two guides and three clients from Tordrillo Mountain Lodge crashed 21 miles southeast of Palmer in the Chugach Mountains. It was one of the deadliest heli-skiing accidents in North American history. Among the dead is the richest man in the Czech Republic, Petr Kellner (56) and […]