these are the senators of the general elections

29/04/2019 17:33 – Updated: 04/29/2019 5:39 PM The PSOE has won the Senate elections in the generals held this Sunday and has overturned the majority in the Chamber by obtaining 121 seats of the 208 that are elected, 78 more than in 2016 and well ahead of the PP, which has remained at 56, 74 … Read more

The yeses and noes of Madrid to come

The president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez, assured that from time to time the club “needs a change to recover the illusion” and that he does “everything possible so that he does not lose his rightful place”, and while he closed the door to a possible return of Cristiano Ronaldo, he did not give excessive … Read more

Blood Donors collaborates with the Food Bank

This year 2021 the Brotherhood of Blood Donors of Albacete celebrates its 50th anniversary thanks to the solidarity, generosity and altruism that characterizes the Blood Donors of Albacete and Province. This important event the Brotherhood begins with a promotional campaign in which the Blood Donor continues to demonstrate its great values. During the first four … Read more

▷ Xbox Series X and S will allow us to uninstall parts of a video game that we are not interested in to save space

It will be an optional feature that developers may or may not implement. The start of the new generation is right around the corner and the new hardware that Sony Y Microsoft They are going to offer us promises to mark a before and after in the world of video games. We practically know new … Read more