With shotguns and baseball bats: three injured in mass brawl in circus | Regional

Hamburg – Three people were injured, some seriously, in a mass brawl on Wednesday. Around 11.30 p.m. in the evening, panicked emergency calls were received by the police. Around 60 young people had been drinking and partying next to a circus tent on the festival grounds in Hamburg-Wellingsbüttel. The situation escalated a little later. +++ […]

Does post-workout beer ruin your weight and running performance goals?

The study did not consider the participants’ nutrition During this time: Often, when people start a new exercise program, they also start eating healthier, according to Goodson. If this were the case for the participants, it could play a role in improving their body composition. Eating healthier in general may have given them a little […]

Vegas, Baby – Rushing through Sin City

Unlike the American movies where people who drink in public have to use paper bags to hide what they’re drinking, you can actually drink alcohol in public on the Strip and downtown Las Vegas. However, there is a catch. You can’t drink everything everywhere, and there are very specific laws when it comes to drinking […]

Andre Tokev from prison: I have never been addicted to alcohol

Andre Tokev One has to go through difficult things in order to improve and become better, added the famous chef I’ve never been addicted to alcohol. I’ve never felt the need to drink all the time. Once you’ve consumed (b.r. alcohol) and it happened, people think we’re addicted. […]

Man in Bandung Rape His Own Friend’s Wife, Her Husband Made Drunk

PEOPLE’S MIND – A man in Baleendah, Bandung Regency, West Java has been named a suspect in an alleged rape case. The suspect with the initials YJP reportedly had the heart to have sex with his friend’s wife when her husband was drunk. YJP is predicted to be the first party to invite his friends […]

Günzburg: Drunk drivers stopped by the police in Günzburg

That was an expensive drive through Günzburg: a driver was driving with more alcohol in his blood than allowed. Then the police checked him. Driving under the influence of alcohol has a patrol crew of the police inspection Günzburg ended on Thursday evening in the city area. When a car was checked, it turned […]

Four injured!: Ride on tractor trailer ends in clinic | Regional

Edenkoben – This tractor ride was a crazy idea with a bad ending! On Friday evening (March 25, 2022) around 5:45 p.m., a 23-year-old was drunk behind the wheel of a tractor and was driving along Villastrasse in Edenkoben. But the drunk driver was not alone! +++ BILD is now also available on TV! Click […]