Why don’t we find extraterrestrial life on alien planets?

One of the most important building blocks for the emergence of life is water. This is precisely why astronomers and astrophysicists search the universe for water-rich planets that move in a habitable range around their host star, the habitable zone. So far they haven’t spotted any aliens or what appears to be microbiologically small creatures. […]

Cinema film “65” with Adam Driver: Space mission in the Cretaceous

Not everything was better in the past: Adam Driver has to assert himself as an extraterrestrial against dinosaurs and greater adversity on earth in “65”. Adam Driver and Ariana Greenblatt as Aliens with Human Faces in ’65’ Foto: Screenshot/Sony Mills is a young man, but already somewhat desperate. His daughter Nevine is ill and he […]

Foreign investor demand boosts Dubai real estate

(MENAFN- Al-Bayan) A Reuters poll expected that housing prices in Dubai will rise steadily over the next two years, driven by demand from foreign investors. With the economic recovery driven by high energy prices and the revival of trade and tourism, the real estate market in Dubai ignored some of the declines last year due […]

On Mars discovered a strange hole in the ground (photo)

Conspiracy theorists have suggested that aliens could have left the hole, but scientists say the explanation is much simpler. The other day, scientists received a new image from the Red Planet, which clearly shows a hole in the ground. However, conspiracy theorists who are looking for evidence of aliens will be somewhat disappointed to learn […]