Only the “national identity” can survive

There is a very valuable scientific book by the eminent physicist Martin Reese, titled “Our Cosmic Home”, in which he stressed that our universe is very enormous, in our galaxy the Milky Way and there are billions of stars and planets, and in the universe billions of galaxies, but all this huge amount constitutes only […]

There was a consolation prize for Belov

October 9, 2022 at 10:40 p.m The first away defeat : There was a consolation prize for Belov The family duel between David Trinkberger (left) and his brother Luca ended in a draw. Both were among the better players. Photo: EHC/EHC Freiburg Krefeld The goalkeeper of the penguins was the best player of the black […]

This is how to care for and breastfeed a baby when a mother is infected with COVID-19 – Cases of transmission of COVID-19 have increased again in recent weeks. Corona virus can be transmitted to anyone, regardless of age. From adults, teenagers, children and even babies, all of them have the same risk of contracting COVID-19. People infected with the corona virus have various symptoms. People who have mild symptoms will […]

Focus Online: “Not wanted – shock news for ManUnited fans: Ten Hag is planning without Ronaldo – he can go” – thematically similar messages

This news names Christian Eriksen, Erling Haaland, Ralf Rangnick and more about Cristiano Ronaldo and FC Brentford, FC Barcelona, ​​Euro Handgeld, Borussia Dortmund, Red Devils, Daily Star and about Ajax Amsterdam and also Newcastle upon Tyne, Sola, Manchester City, Real Madrid, England and also about Manchester United FC, published by Focus Online

The energy sector would be demanding to be able to settle ONLY 50% of exports… (H.Rovelli

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the security of citizens endangered by personal lack in Verviers

Posted on Saturday, November 6, 2021 at 6:38 p.m. Through Francoise Peiffer Dimitri Weickmans, professional firefighter in Verviers and permanent SLFP representative, gives a rant. For him, the security of citizens is endangered by a lack of personnel and financial means. The firefighters of the VHP zone are pushing a big rant, via Dimitri Weickmans, […]

Drama in Stuttgart: An evening with Wajdi Mouawad – culture

Scene from the solo theater evening “Seuls” with Wajdi Mouawad Photo: Thibaut Baron / Schauspiel Stuttgart The actor, director, author and first winner of the European Dramatist’s Prize will be performing in Stuttgart with the grandiose solo “Seuls”. Stuttgart – How do we want to live? How does a person deal with traumatic experiences? What […]

LL Junior was excluded from the case of his deceased little son

LL Junior has been excluded from the case of wading his little son due to bias, so he can only sit in the ranks of the audience at the mourning mother’s court hearing. Within days, there may be a turnaround in the case, court papers are being prepared. LL Junior has been excluded from the […]

EDG shocks FPX in the LPL final – ex-world champion only runner-up

In the grand finale of the Chinese Summer Playoffs, EDward Gaming secured the LPL crown. The underdog relegates the league giant FunPlus Phoenix to second place in four games and, in addition to the title, also secures the first Chinese seed at the world championship. FPX therefore starts in the second slot of the league. […]