Aerolineas Argentinas will pay only half of June’s wages

Aerolineas Argentinas y Austral on Wednesday they will pay only half their wages to their almost 12,000 employees. The company communicated it last night to the guilds of the activity and clarified that there is no precise date to settle the rest until the national State does not rotate the necessary resources. The decision caused […]

Faced with criticism, Elio Di Rupo reminds everyone that they are doing their utmost in this period of crisis: “9 health ministers? No, only one: De Block! ”

Posted on Saturday, May 23, 2020 at 6:30 a.m. By didier swysen Too fast deconfinement? Elio Di Rupo (PS) explains how the Security Council is advancing in a balanced manner between the opinions of experts and the pressures of the economic lobbies. The Walloon minister-president talks about tests in nursing homes. If everyone is trying […]

Coronavirus. Only 1% of Danes have antibodies, study finds

A study shows that only about 1% of Danes have been in contact with the coronavirus, which means that the potential for a resurgence of the epidemic exists, an agency linked to the Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday. The study was published by the SSI, an agency of the Danish Ministry of Health responsible […]

$ 7,000 a month for taking a dip during quarantine | Global World Blog

The eccentricities of the wealthy in Singapore, one of the highest-income countries per capita of the planet, they are a known thing of the Asian city-state. To the collections of Lamborghini cars and other prohibitively priced cars – which are usually exhibited by their owners on holidays – and the rental of islands and superyachts […]

only 4,500 units across Europe

YE. Madrid Updated:05/20/2020 01: 48h save Related news The new Ford Ranger Thunder will bring accentuated styling and improved specs to Europe’s number one best-selling pickup when it starts hitting its owners in late summer. Limited to just 4,500 units across Europe, the Ranger Thunder adds exclusive interior and exterior design to the 2020 International […]

Exercise microdose: four seconds is enough to start burning fat? | Good Life

Due to the coronavirus crisis, BuenaVida is not in kiosks. Download it free here Whether Izumi Tabata was in a hurry to get in shape, or did his work leave him with little free time, is a mystery. But something important would haunt his mind when he decided to study the exercise high intensity, and […]

Armstrong confesses he started doping at just 21 years old

Years pass since his cheating undisputed dominance, and details about Lance Armstrong’s systematic doping continue to be revealed. The former US cyclist gave an attractive interview to the ESPN network in which he tells “his truth” and does not rule out that his testicular cancer is due to drugs consumed to improve his performance. This […]