The Walking Dead: Actor Considers Governor To Beat Negan And Alpha

David Morrisey reflects a bit on the role of his character as a villain in the series. Photo: Fox Networks Group | Fox Networks Group Along its history, “The Walking Dead“He has presented various characters in the role of main antagonist, but none formed a precedent as he did”The governor”, A character who first appeared […]

New Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio: the timeless Italian icon

A. N. MADRID Updated:05/08/2020 01: 29h save Related news Alfa Romeo celebrates its 110th anniversary this year. It has always been characterized by its unique ability to stand out, both in the races and on the catwalks of elegance contests. And now, the 510 hp of the 2.9 V6 Bi-Turbo of the Alfa Romeo Giulia […]

New body for the Giulia GTA designed by the Alfa Romeo Centro Style

YE. MADRID Updated:05/07/2020 01: 43h save Related news The presentation of the Giulia GTA on March 2 immediately aroused great interest among car enthusiasts. So much enthusiasm is a source of pride for Alfa Romeo. It is the year of its 110th anniversary, which the brand celebrates together with all passionate about style, typical Italian […]

Alfa and Alpek sink in the stock market

“We think it’s a weak report, although already anticipated. After knowing the information in detail, we confirm our vision that the company faces a challenging landscape, ”Areli Villeda, an Invex analyst, said in a report, and the firm made it clear in its projections for 2020, where it estimates that this year your income and […]

Black Sabbath: The alpha and the metal omega

A single day of recording. A tiny studio, a ridiculous budget, a four-track table and a producer who watched weapons for the first time in that session. No one seemed to trust the debut album too much of a band formed by four garrulos that personified by themselves the most alcoholic ‘white trash’ of the […]