6 technology giants wiped out $ 1 trillion. for three days

The six largest public technology companies in the United States lost more than $ 1 trillion. of its market capitalization for the past three days, CNBC estimates. Apple, which reached a market capitalization of over $ 2 trillion. on August 19, erased about $ 325 billion. Microsoft lost $ 219 billion, Amazon – $ 191 […]

Darmstadt and two districts are clean

ÜThe city of Darmstadt and the Darmstadt-Dieburg and Main-Kinzig districts reported confirmed new corona infections overnight. The numbers are small. However, the new cases are sufficient for the loss of the clean slate in view of the seven-day incidence, which is important for relaxation. These are the new cases among 100,000 inhabitants that occurred within […]

Warren Buffett celebrates his nineties. He started investing at the age of eleven

Buffet conglomerates are involved in about 90 companies in various fields. In fact, there are also significant shares in a number of well-known companies, such as the world’s largest producer of soft drinks, Coca-Cola, which Buffett loves. And his empire was able to cope with the coronavirus crisis. In the second quarter, after a record […]

Amazon buys 1,800 Mercedes electric vans for European fleet | NOW

Amazon has purchased eighteen hundred electric vans from the German car brand Mercedes-Benz for its European fleet, Jeff Bezos’s company said on Friday. The electric vans should contribute to Amazon’s goal of being climate neutral by 2040. A majority of electric vehicles will be put into service this year, the company writes. These are twelve […]

Jeff Bezos accumulates a fortune of $ 200,000 million: Forbes

Forbes points out that the multimillionaire’s achievement has been possible after Amazon shares closed the day on Wednesday on the NY stock exchange revaluing above 2%, with which his fortune jumped from 4.9 billion to over 200 billion. By: EFE 07:45 PM / 26/08/2020 The president of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, considered the richest man in […]

Sah! Jeff Bezos The Richest First Person Rich Rp2.920 T

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos listed his name as the first richest person in the world to have a wealth of over US $ 200 billion or the equivalent of Rp.2920 trillion. According to the Bloomberg Billionaries Index, at the close of trading on the stock market Wednesday (26/8/2020), Jeff […]

Amazon is betting on returning to the office: 3,500 new seats in six locations

MILANO – While everyone blesses remote work and the digitalization of consumption, Amazon – the company capable of growing 80% on the stock market since the beginning of the year in spite of the pandemic – is betting on office work with a plan to expand its physical locations in six US cities, adding thousands […]

Amazon France withdraws child-like sex dolls from sale

First modification: 18/08/2020 – 12:03 In France, associations denounced the sale on Amazon of sex dolls representing children. The platform eventually withdrew these products at the request of the French Government. The online sales platform Amazon finally removed “child-like sex dolls” from its site following a mobilization of associations, French Secretary of State for Children […]