Melissa Paredes ‘chotea’ again to América Hoy and sends a missile to Ethel Pozo: “Now she wants me to clarify who it will be” VIDEO FARANDULA | SHOWS

¡ASU! Melissa Paredes She doesn’t want to see her former classmates again. America Today and has not yet accepted the invitation to the program of Ethel Pozo, Janet Barboza, Brunella Horna, Christian Domínguez and Edson Dávila. In addition, she took the opportunity to point out that he does not have to clarify anything to anyone. […]

Miguel Trauco reporter from America Today he denounced mistreatment and threats from the player’s environment VIDEO tomorrow you’re off the channel outside concert Daddy Yankee celebrity | SHOWS

STRONG. Miguel Trauco lost patience with a team from América Hoy during the daddy yankee concert. In the images of Ethel Pozo’s program, you can see Oswaldo Arteaga trying to talk to the national team and ends up being pushed and even threatened by the footballer’s close environment. READ ALSO: Pato Quiñones greeted Daddy Yankee […]

Dorita Orbegoso attacks Melissa Paredes: “She has always had a very high ego” | Women in command Rodrigo Cuba farándula | SHOWS

Dorita Orbegoso spoke about the scandal that surrounds today Melissa Paredes, who was sheltered in loving situations inside her truck with the dancer of “Reinas del Show”, Anthony Aranda. SIGHT: Brother of ‘Gato’ Cuba responds how the couple’s relationship is after ampay The businesswoman not only criticized the host of “América Hoy” for the alleged […]

Rodrigo González | Psychologist from America Today visits Amor y Fuego and trolls Peluchín and Gigi: “I thought the psychological problem was only on one channel” | Farándula | SHOWS

HE SENT HIS CHIQUITA. Lizbeth Cueva, the guest psychologist who always attends the América Hoy editions, surprised this Monday by appearing on the competition program, Amor y Fuego by Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter. Unintentionally, the specialist ‘trolled’ the drivers. SIGHT: Jossmery replies to Paula’s mother after threatening her: “If I have not been afraid […]