iPhone 13: Surprising price drop

The iPhone is not only the best-selling product of all time, it’s also the most influential, helping to change the way people experience the world. The company broke all the rules and defied all expectations to reach the top. This has helped to democratize its offer to as many people as possible while offering products […]

BGN 110 more for pensioners in Sofia

Only in the capital and Burgas they receive over BGN 600 per month The funds for antiquities are the least for the people in Kardzhali In eight regions they are below BGN 500. Sofia residents receive the largest pensions. In the capital, the average amount of pensions for the first half of the year is […]

Improvements on the new generation of Kindle

Expected as an unprecedented revolution, the electronic book constitutes the third stage in the material evolution of the object-book. Various inventions gave birth to e-readers, and the Kindle was born thanks to the giant American online commercial company. This reader allows you to carry several thousand books in your pocket to read them everywhere and […]

Neshka Robeva: I protest against what adults do to children

Isn’t it high time we asked the question, where is this wild world going? The 39th World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship opens in Sofia. Let’s wish a worthy performance to the participants and success to our girls. I’ve been a coach for a third of my life on this earth. I had the great chance to […]

China says it has nothing to do with the pandemic

According to some Chinese scientists, the Covid-19 pandemic can in no way originate in China, according to recent work available online but unpublished. The researchers there analyzed more than 17,000 samples taken from living bats in China, and detected … Zero virus related to SARS-CoV-2, responsible for Covid-19. A conclusion that the scientific community considers […]

Strong support for the defense of workers

At the head of a strong delegation, Salimi Nasreddine, President of the Union Syndicale Africaine, recently led a strong delegation to Guinea with the aim of consolidating the links of the various centers of this country with the body which brings together the unions of continent. A journey that has been crowned with success since […]

Videos under 15 minutes now shared as Reels

Instagram announced on July 21 that new video posts under 15 minutes will now be shared as reels. Videos posted before this change will remain videos and will not become reels. The company started testing this change a few weeks ago. Instagram explains that the change is part of the company’s effort to provide a […]