Apple intends to lower the commission levied on small developers

Apple says it wants to help small businesses develop their online presence in the face of the “global economic challenge” caused by the pandemic. But this decision also comes after big names, such as Epic Games (the publisher of the game-phenomenon “Fortnite”), protested against financial conditions that they consider unfair. As of January 1, 2021, […]

Arsenal will no longer release Aubameyang for the national team!

The mishap of the Gabonese national team in The Gambia on the eve of their match against the host country did not go unnoticed. CAF was officially seized of the incident. But not only. Arsenal entered the line. Angry, the English club not only threatened but decided not to release his player Aubameyang to join […]

Morocco at risk of banking system depression for three years, S&P warns

In its latest report dated November 17, Standard and Poor’s points out that due to the Covid-19 crisis, six countries on the continent – Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa – will face risks high in their banking systems for at least three years. Standard and Poor’s thus identifies four main risks that […]

BMW unveils flying electric suit

Stuntmen and adrenaline enthusiasts can rejoice, because BMW has just unveiled this “magical” work. It is a flying suit that allows you to fly at the speed of an airplane. With such technological innovation, human beings will no longer be satisfied with hovering, henceforth they will be able to fly. Peter Salzmann, 33, called on […]

consolidated turnover down 13% at the end of September

According to the same source, the decrease in net income is mainly explained by the change in operating income, which amounted to 1.816 billion dirhams (-5%), impacted by the completion of the planned major revision of Unit 5 and the decrease in financial income mainly due to the recognition of interest charges relating to the […]

Rabat pays tribute to Fouad Bellamine in three exhibitions

It is not very common for a retrospective to be devoted to a living Moroccan artist. This consecration, Fouad Bellamine owes it to the Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rabat which is organizing, from November 20, the artist’s retrospective entitled “Entry into the subject”. On the program, around a hundred essential […]

Declining money market injections

The Central Bank thus continues to perfectly regulate the money market through its expansive strategy aimed at containing the evolution of interbank rates around the key rate at 1.50%, say AGR analysts. In a weekly analysis of the behavior of the money and bond markets, AGR analysts note that BAM satisfies 100% of banking demand […]

Playing without camera is possible!

The CAF emergency committee meeting last Friday by videoconference in order to take the appropriate measures for a smooth running of the CAN playoffs scheduled between November 11 and 17 in the various stadiums of the continent has taken several decisions . One of them is in camera. Thus while systematically favoring the closed door, […]