Victoria’s Secret 2023: Angels return to the catwalk

For three years the iconic show was withdrawn amid controversy for selling a false image of female bodies. The brand’s lingerie show Victoria’s Secret will return after a three-year hiatus and a rebranding, according to the company’s chief financial officer, Timothy Johnson. Let’s remember that the company held an annual parade with different super models […]

“Angels” flog girls in the Democratic Republic of the Congo because of short clothes! • Observatory Newspaper

Rewrite this content Al-Marsad Newspaper: Women and girls were recently flogged by militia members in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) for wearing shorts or trousers. Prime Minister Jean-Michel Sama Loconde expressed, during a government meeting, his denunciation of the humiliating and inhumane violations committed by members of a radical Islamic group called […]

This is what angels look like according to the Bible

“Like an angel…” – is often said about children, but sometimes also about adults. Although we take this comment as a compliment, it shouldn’t be in the strictly biblical sense: according to the holy books, angels are not exactly beautiful or cute, and we wouldn’t be happy to put their picture on the Christmas tree […]

Priest escapes unharmed from car accident

Fr. John Bok, 87, was a physics teacher but simply cannot come up with a scientific explanation for how he survived the dramatic road accident he suffered on his way to celebrate Sunday Mass. “It’s a miracle,” the Franciscan priest told CNA, the English-language agency of the ACI Group, in early November. The priest, now […]

Bay Bay! Los Angeles are Madridistas at heart

The Real Madrid has been very well received in USAbut particularly in The Angels It is where the greatest support from the Merengue fans has been present. To show a button, the great reaction that the spectators had in the Rose Bowl after the first score of the match.

Trial in the murder of Kai M. starts on July 19th

Jul 15, 2022 @ 1:51pm Rocker trial in Duisburg : Chasing the Charter “MG City” A member of the Mönchengladbach Hells Angels. Photo: Ilgner Detlef (ilg)/Ilgner,Detlef (interest) Duisburg/Mönchengladbach In 2014 a Hells Angel was murdered and his corpse ended up in concrete in the Rhine. Now the trial against the backers is beginning in Duisburg, […]

Trial in the murder of Kai M. starts in July in Duisburg

Jun 24, 2022 @ 5:23pm Mordfall Kai M. : Hells Angels trial starts in Duisburg in July In a major raid in connection with the murder, 24 buildings in North Rhine-Westphalia were searched in 2021, like here in Duisburg. Photo: dpa/Christoph Reichwein Duisburg/Mönchengladbach The murder of Kai M., whose body was found dismembered in the […]

MLB: Angels and Mariners star in brutal fight after pitch

Editorial Seventh entry Anaheim, Los Angeles / 26.06.2022 16:18:38 In one of the most shocking scenes on Sunday, June 26, at the MLB, Los Angeles Angels with Seattle Mariners staged a brutal fight after reliever Andrew Wantz hit outfielder Jesse Winker with a pitch. After receiving the pitch, Winker began to exchange words with receiver […]

Shohei Ohtani blanks the Boston Red Sox

The current Most Valuable Player of the American League, the Japanese Shohei Ohtanishowed the best of his repertoire from the mound this Thursday to lead the victory by bleached Los Angeles Angels 8-0 against the Boston Red Sox. Ohtani (3-2) completely dominated the Los Angeles offense. red soxthrowing them seven scoreless innings, in which he […]