Reckless! This man accidentally straddled a living crocodile for 2.5 meters and took him on a motorcycle, he also shows off on the streets! – All Pages

Daily Star A crocodile carried on a motorbike – Wildlife smugglers who catch live crocodiles and record them then bring the crocodiles home on a motorbike. It was later labeled “disgusting” by animal lovers. Reporting from Daily Star, Friday (25/09/2020), in a clip recorded in Navolato, Mexico, two men lift an adult crocodile – […]

Painted tiger dog roaming the street sparks outrage on social media – World

The images shared by an association of a dog roaming the streets of a Malaysian city are generating revolt on social networks. The animal in question is painted with orange paint and black stripes, in order to look like a tiger. The photographs were shared on the social network Facebook by the association Persatuan Haiwan […]

Australian penguin keepers let stranded penguin watch Pingu | NOW

To prevent the stranded Northern Rock penguin Pierre from becoming lonely, his keepers at the zoo in the Australian city of Perth have the animal watch images of penguins on a tablet. The penguin is especially a big fan of it Pingu, the clay animation series about the penguin of the same name, let its […]