Hundreds of elephants suddenly mysteriously die: government B …

A mysterious illness or poisoning has killed at least 350 elephants in Botswana in less than two months. Some animals died near water wells on the spot, others continued to circle in circles for a while. It is the largest mortality ever among the elephant population that is already under pressure. The cause is not […]

Over 350 elephants mysteriously die in Botswana

by Ulyces | July 1, 2020 Since the beginning of May, more than 350 elephants have been found dead in mysterious circumstances in Botswana, reports the Guar­dian this July 1st. A tragedy that scientists struggle to explain and describe as ” disaster for the preservation of the species ». The first reports reported, at the […]

Giant rats invade houses through pipes looking for food – News

Sightings have been frequent in recent months due to confinement in the UK. A species of giant cannibal rats is invading UK homes by channeling the bathroom in search of food. Sightings in British homes have been more frequent in recent months due to quarantine. Pest controllers have received several complaints and believe that these […]

Again young wolves on the northern part of the Veluwe NOW

Wolves have been born again in the northern part of the Veluwe. A spokesperson for the province of Gelderland confirmed this to on Wednesday after reports by Omroep Gelderland. The province suspects that “a few weeks ago” four wolf cubs were born. The pair of wolves the boy got is believed to be the […]

Nature and Forest opens the hunt for the biggest culprit of th …

The Agency for Nature and Forests aims to achieve a manageable population of a thousand Canadian geese in Flanders, but currently 5,000 of the species still fly around in our wetland areas. Photo: Caspar Huurdeman The Agency for Nature and Forests aims to achieve a manageable population of a thousand Canadian geese in Flanders, but […]

Australia: Koalas could go extinct before 2050, study says

Fires in Australia in 2019 and 2020 led to declines in koala populations, according to a report by the New South Wales district parliament. Authorities contend that koalas could become extinct by 2050. The report notes that deforestation of native forests and climate change also severely affected this species. To protect it, the report recommends […]

New flu virus in China has potential for pandemic health

A swine flu virus has the potential to spread among humans, as researchers emphasize in the results of their long-term study. The corona virus gets company. A new variant of the swine flu virus has all the necessary prerequisites for spreading among humans, as Chinese researchers point out. The virus has “all the essential features […]