Python pulls five-year-old into pool

Happy ending to a shocking snake attack. A boy is playing with his brother at the edge of the pool. Suddenly a huge snake appears and snaps. Byron Bay. A three meter long python has reportedly attacked a young boy in Australia and dragged him into the swimming pool in his backyard. The giant snake […]

Wild rabbits must restore the population in the North Holland dunes

NH News In cooperation with NH News NOS News•yesterday, 11:37•Amended yesterday, 15:08 Wild rabbits will soon be released in the dunes of Castricum. Foresters of nature manager PWN hope to restore the population with this. A series of viruses has led to major rabbit deaths in recent decades. As a result, the animals have now […]

Electric ant: the inhabitants of the Var called to report this invasive insect

According to the institute, “the invaded area, known to date, covers about 5000 square meters in Toulon”. You should know that in areas where the ant is dominant, you can find 20,000 individuals per square meter, explained Audrey Dussutour, biologist and director of research at the CNRS, in the TF1 20H video at the top […]

The Var Prefecture calls on the people of Var to report the presence of “electric ants” which have already invaded 5,000 square meters in Toulon

The authorities are worried about “local biodiversity”. The electric ant, an invasive species was discovered in Toulon last October. The electric ant, a small orange-yellow ant of about 1.5 mm, is one of the 3 most invasive ants in the world. “This species is extremely invasive and very worrying for the local Varoise biodiversity”write the […]

Experimental cancer vaccine shows positive in animals

It was revealed that a experimental vaccine against him cancer has shown promising results in animalsaccording to studies conducted by researchers at the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). According to the results of the research of said Institute, which were published in the scientific journal Cellthe experimental vaccine against cancer it […]