Bankers have accumulated good before the worst – Finance – Kommersant

The Banker magazine published an annual ranking of the 1,000 largest banks in the world. Chinese banks have strengthened their leadership by taking four places in the top 5. The performance of some American banks decreased slightly, which did not prevent them, like the European ones, from maintaining their positions. In general, The Banker experts […]

The 3.4 million workers at ERTE stop the destruction of jobs in April | Economy

On the last day of April, there were 18,396,362 workers contributing to Social Security. That means that, on average, there were 548,000 fewer people contributing than in March. Although a good part of this drop in membership comes from the heavy loss that occurred between 12 and 31 last month, when 898,822 jobs were destroyed. […]

Warren Buffett’s company lost about $ 50 billion due to coronavirus

The company of billionaire Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway in the I quarter of 2020 lost $ 47.9 billion against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, which is about 20% of the total revenue in 2019, the company’s website said. The company’s stock portfolio declined by $ 55.5 billion over the quarter. Berkshire itself has fallen […]

Alfa Bank economists estimate direct economic support at 0.3% of GDP :: Economy :: RBC

Otherwise, the government’s anti-crisis measures are not composed of new costs: it is a delay in paying taxes (except VAT), credit and rent payments, reducing insurance premiums from 30 to 15% for small and medium-sized businesses, state guarantees for loans for companies, and soft loans for system-forming enterprises for replenishment of working capital, expansion of […]

The virus hits the dance with 80% of the planned annual activity affected

Deferrals such as the one at the Seismograph Olot festival; cancellations, missed projects and the fact that full normality will not return when confinement is lifted are the daily lives of hundreds of Catalan dancers, choreographers and cultural managers, whose sole security is to know that the coronavirus crisis will amount to about 25 million […]

The UN asks to reform the Colombian riot squad | International

The office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) put concrete and alarming numbers on the feeling of return to Colombia’s past in terms of security during 2019. “OHCHR continued to observe the persistence of high levels of violence that generated serious human rights violations, ”says the agency in its annual report […]