A mask? Not in front of the cameras, answers Donald Trump

President Donald Trump said on Thursday that he sometimes wore a mask when conditions required, but said he did not want to do it in front of reporters. While traveling to Ypsilanti, Michigan, Mr. Trump visited a revamped Ford tour, in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, to produce artificial respirators. Asked why he had […]

OMG! Ashley Benson responds to rumors of infidelity to Cara Delevingne with G-Eazy

After two years of a romantic relationship (with some breakups and comebacks in between), a few days ago it was revealed that one of our favorite couples had separated: British top model Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson, the star of ‘Pretty Little Liars’. Although there were many rumors that they were engaged and about to […]

teachers “surprised by the mayor’s turnaround” … who answers

” I talked to several colleagues about it, to my manager. Really, this is a flip-flop that we feel, a total reversal compared to what we had been told “Explains Patrick, a teacher at Valenciennes who, like his colleagues, was responsible for calling all the parents last week. At that time, the instructions were clear. […]

UNICEF and WHO announce a pandemic solidarity response fund

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) have announced the historic callCovid-19 Solidarity Response Fund, to combat the devastating effects of coronaviruses. This fund, according to its creators, is intended to“facilitate an unprecedented global response“in the fight against disease. As part of the agreement, an initial portion of the Fund’s […]