Fear and stress make the immune system vulnerable Company | DW

That stress is harmful to health should not surprise anyone. It is well known that psychological stress and anxiety can have a direct impact on the human immune system, making us more prone to disease. It has been less clear so far how this system works. Wolfram Poller, a cardiologist and researcher at the Charité […]

“You are too anxious.” But he actually suffered from heart disease

I medici they tell him it’s too much anxiousbut it actually has a heart problem. Tom Roberts, a 27 year old Britishwas cared for 10 years as an anxious subject, but in reality the symptoms he complained of were the indication of a heart problem. Tom discovered he was sick only […]

Megawati: If I Was Not There, Piye Yo This Nation?

Merdeka.com – Chairman PDIP Megawati Soekarnoputri expressed his concern over the current condition of Indonesia. According to him, this nation is stuck in a comfort zone. Namely, carried away by the currents of the world, especially westernized. In fact, in terms of art and culture, the Eastern nation is far superior. “It’s time for us […]

TJ-SP authorizes domestic cultivation of cannabis for therapeutic purposes

Based on the principle of human dignity and the right to life and health, the 3rd Chamber of Criminal Law of the Court of Justice of São Paulo granted a safe-conduct to a man to grow cannabis sativa for the extraction of cannabidiol oil, used in the medical treatment of your child. 123RFAuthorities are prevented […]

If you suffer from anxiety, you can also understand how you walk

A new study has found that anxious people can be recognized by the way they walk, because they have problems with balance and a more uncertain gait similar to that of the elderly. Can you tell if someone is anxious based on how they walk? This is what the researchers of the Clarkson University they […]

How loneliness can be bad for your physical and mental health

“Loneliness is associated with psychopathologies, such as anxiety, depression and stress, but also on a physical level, such as hypertension and cardiovascular problems”, says psychologist Ana Valente. Loneliness is one of the main responsible for causing people to isolate themselves. However, it can also be a direct consequence of this isolation, generating a vicious circle […]

With the lockdowns, physical activity drops drastically down to -95% – Lifestyles

The lockdowns imposed in the world to combat covid have weighed heavily on the psycho-physical health of citizens with a significant impact on the risk of cardiovascular disease, anxiety and depression. Although the lockdowns have led to a reduction in noise and air pollution, the final balance is negative, mainly due to the reduction in […]

Know the diseases that can develop with stress – Health

Stress is a feeling of physical or emotional tension. It can come from any situation or thought of frustration, anger or nervousness. (Keep reading: Stress, among the factors that influence the appearance of obesity) Nowadays all people, at some point in life, have experienced stress situations that, regardless of what causes it, manifest themselves in […]