According to ByeAlex, György Korda has no reason to apologize to him

The musician couple did not recognize him in a challenge. György Korda later apologized to Alex for this. György Korda and Klárí Balázs would basically have no reason to apologize if they don’t recognize me or if they don’t recognize me at all – ByeAlex wrote on his Facebook page. However, the musician liked their […]

Velvet – Gumicukor – Márk Lakatos apologized to Joci Pápai

The stylist previously criticized Joci Pápai and Majka’s latest song. As Velvet previously reported, Majka and Pápai Baroque released his latest song with the title, whose lyrics, video clip, and even the title of the song were strongly criticized by Márk Lakatos. The stylist believed that the number had nothing to do with the Baroque […]

Chris Rock continues to joke about Will Smith slap after apology | Entertainment

Chris Rock has continued to joke about being slapped by Will Smith following the actor’s apology video. The 57-year-old comedian did not directly address the incident at the Oscars at his gig in Atlanta on Friday (29.07.22) but continued to poke fun at the controversy on stage. According to CNN, he joked at the gig: […]

György Korda and Klári Balázs revealed the secret of the long marriage

György Korda and Klári Balázs have been forming a party for many years, they are the ones the country could not imagine without each other – so many may wonder what their secret is, which is why their marriage works so well. Well, the star couple has now revealed the secret of their long relationship, […]

Adele sobbed and apologized to her fans

He missed a few days ago Adele His concert in Las Vegas and the event were canceled less than 24 hours before the start. The fans were understandably very upset about this, as there were those who bought their concert tickets worth 30,000 forints, and the singer sympathized with them one hundred percent. So much […]