Cytus II gets Master Mode

After a long silence, rhythm game Cytus 2 has suddenly received an update. Version 4.7 of the game challenges veteran players to return with a new Master Mode. To activate this mode, you must hold down a chart’s CHAOS/GLITCH difficulty and then use CAPSO to unlock its Master Mode. And then hope your fingers are […]

Blacken Slash takes us back to the 80’s

In 2022, we’re used to games that are getting closer to photorealism little by little, and even when a title chooses a different style, it’s usually so well-developed that it doesn’t matter. Games weren’t always like that, though. In the early days of the medium, a few squares were enough as a main character. Blacken […]

track books on the App Store

Bookout helps you track and manage your books, make a habit of reading, and see your progress over time with awesome reading stats. FEATURES– Track and manage your entire library of books– Track your reading in real time, start daily reading sessions– Add quotes and thoughts for each book– Get the book details by scanning […]

Microsoft Store will have free and open source applications | TECHNOLOGY

Microsoft has announced that it will not prohibit the provision of free and open source applications in its virtual application store, Microsoft Storea decision that has been taken after receiving criticism from the developers of the services that this distribution platform integrates. The company announced a year ago the launch of a new Windows Store, […]

Amazon Pre Prime Day Sale Picks|Up to 30% off Routers, Games, Tablets and More

Amazon Prime Day 2022, overseas online shopping credit card discounts|Amazon Prime Day 2022 will be held from July 12th to 13th, US time. There will also be a lot of discounted products for a limited time, such as headphones, tablets, electric toothbrushes and other games or gadgets are greatly reduced The price is much higher […]

Loans migrate ‘drop by drop’ to mobile applications, warns Condusef

“Drop by drop” or “debt mount” loans are granted easily and with almost no requirements through mobile applications by supposed companies that are not regulated by the financial system and that, by accepting them, access to the device information is authorized. cell phone, which is then misused to extort money from the debtor in case […]