Zelensky spoke about the situation in the de-occupied territories of Kharkiv region

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, in his traditional evening address on October 23, announced restoration work in the Kharkiv region. “Every day I receive new reports on connecting hundreds of households in the liberated areas to gas, water, electricity. In particular, only today and only in two districts of the Kharkiv region 346 subscribers – […]

When it comes to climate, Philipp Hildebrand takes responsibility for politics

Philipp Hildebrand is concerned about the climate crisis. Politicians in particular must take appropriate measures. Philipp Hildebrand at a federal media conference. (Archive image) – sda – KEYSTONE/PETER KLAUNZER Ad the essentials in brief At the finance summit in Geneva, Phillip Hildebrand speaks about the Paris climate agreement. The financial world is not on course […]

Pope remembers World Alzheimer’s Day

Francis wanted to recall in his appeals this morning (21), during the General Audience, people affected by Alzheimer’s disease, on this World Awareness Day, a disease that often causes people to be “placed on the margins of society”. Vatican News At the general audience this Wednesday (21/09) Pope Francis made an appeal to remember the […]

EXCLUSIVE The RTVS sports director is leaving and this is his replacement

13.9. 13:00 BRATISLAVA – The new general director of RTVS Ľuboš Machaj started to “purge” after being appointed to the position in public television. Less than three months after his election, he dismissed the director of the sports section of RTVS, Matej Hajko. Television immediately revealed the name of his successor for our portal. Hajko […]

Government: 1,300 mayors have signed the appeal to Draghi – Politics

They have arrived with 1,300 statutory auditors who signed the appeal to Mario Draghi to move forward in the name of stability. It is a long list that goes from large cities to small municipalities, with a representation of various political forces and civic lists, including center-right ones. “We Mayors, called every day to the […]

Index – FOMO – All of Amber Heard’s appeals have been denied

Last week, Heard’s attorneys filed a motion alleging that one of the jurors selected for the trial was not the same person who received the grand jury summons. The subpoenaed person who gave his year of birth as 1945 has the same last name and address as the juror who gave his year of birth […]

Coletto, the limited number to medicine is now off – Umbria

For the commissioner “anachronistic test, think of a referendum” (ANSA) – PERUGIA, 21 JUN – “The entrance test to the faculty and therefore the limited number for medicine must be eliminated. Immediately”: Luca Coletto, councilor for health of the Umbria Region, asks for it. The exponent of the League takes […]

Joe Nuvo calls out to DES after being scammed by Facebook. dishonor

At this point Joe Nuvo said thereCriminals have disguised Facebook as who they are for years. And nowadays, playing on social media by informing people on IG that Facebook is fake by fake Facebook using account name “Joe Nuvo Jirayus Jirayut Wattanasin – Real Face” Their real Facebook part is https://www.facebook.com/khunjirayut only way DES officer […]