“Google” is taking security measures … preventing the downloading of applications outside the official store

Rewrite this content Reports published on the siteGadgetThat the new version of “Android” may prevent users from installing old applications in some circumstances, at the time when the site was discovered “9to5GoogleA change in the code indicates that “Android 14” will prevent users from sideloading applications, that is, installing them outside the “Play Store” application […]

OS, UI, typical MIUI 13 apps, with features for gamers, customizable AOD

Rewrite this content LITTLE F4 runs Android 12 cu MIUI 13 for POCO, but there are not many differences compared to a classic MIUI 13. However, it lacks those widgets with extra details and 3D look from Android 12 and it also curiously lacks the Privacy Dashboard. Video-review POCO F4, section OS, UI & APPS […]

Elon Musk claims that Twitter is the “biggest click driver on the internet” and a former employee corrects him | Social networks | Facebook | Spain | Mexico | Colombia | TECHNOLOGY

Elon Musk assured that Twitter was the biggest click driver on the internet in his personal account. However, a former employee of the platform corrected it by pointing out that Facebook and other social networks generate more traffic. The tycoon had to delete his tweet because thousands of users began to mock the “false information” […]

a hosts file editor and a tool to reference processes using a file

New version for the small tools that Microsoft offers in open source (MIT license) for Windows 10 and 11. The collection is still growing and two newcomers are joining the troop: a hosts file editor and an application allowing you to quickly know which processes are locking a file. At the beginning of September, version […]

How to force quit an app in Windows

When things go wrong, it can feel like time is slowing down, and when it comes to technology, unexpected issues increase, like an app freezing, can interrupt your day. If you have a Windows PC, the Force Quit option is a useful tool in this. Envelope. How to Force Quit on Windows Using a Keyboard […]

WhatsApp: know the new functions that the Premium version of the app will have

To give your business users a new and improved way to connect with consumers and your customers, WhatsApp is preparing the launch of its premium version. According to a report from the specialized site WABetaInfothe messaging application has a ready subscription plan with exclusive features which are in the testing phase within the last beta […]

Apple removed Russian Facebook and the Kremlin asks for explanations

Apple removed apps created by VK, a tech company controlled by the Russian government and inaugurated a new chapter in the conflict with that country. After that move, the Russian entity that regulates communications, Roskomnadzor, demanded explanations from the American company. Apple vs. Russia: 5 facts about the new conflict The company with the bitten […]

WhatsApp: manners expert gives keys to send better voice notes – Apps – Technology

There are approximately 7,000 million voice notes that voice users produce daily through WhatsApp, as revealed by the same instant messaging system. That is to say that each one of the 2,200 million users of the application sends 3.18 daily audios. Some communicate exclusively using this tool arguing that it is easier to communicate this […]