UAE .. A financial manager embezzles 11 million dirhams and escapes

Khabarni – The competent court in Dubai, in the UAE, sentenced a financial manager of a major commercial establishment in absentia to three years in prison, after being convicted of embezzling 11 million and 97 thousand dirhams, equivalent to three million dollars, and fleeing to his country. The local newspaper, “Al-Khaleej”, reported on Monday that […]

Saudi Arabia.. The arrest of two people who lured another and did the outrageous act

Khabarni – The Saudi authorities arrested two Saudi citizens who committed an obscenity to another person under duress in the city of Riyadh. According to the Saudi Press Agency “SPA”, the official spokesman for the Public Prosecution stated that an arrest warrant had been issued by the competent prosecution regarding the incident of two citizens […]

The Saudi Ministry of Commerce defames a Jordanian and decides to deport him

Khabarni – The Saudi Ministry of Commerce has declared a Saudi and a Jordanian resident (with his deportation) after a court ruling was issued convicting them of committing the crime of commercial concealment in insurance brokerage services. The details of the case relate to the seizure of the case of cover-up and it was proven […]

Vivaldi launches free built-in email app

Vivaldi is best known for its Chromium-based cross-platform web browser. However, the company indicated last year that it was expanding into other areas. It introduced a host of new services to rival Google and Microsoft, including Vivaldi Mail, Vivaldi Calendar, and more. After spending a year in beta, the Mail and […]

Volvo brings realistic graphics to its electric cars

Volvo has become the latest car maker to take advantage of the graphic capabilities of Epic Games’ proprietary Unreal engine. The Swedish automaker said it is partnering with the creator of the game Fortnite to bring realistic visualization to its next generation of electric vehicles. The human-machine interface (HMI), which is specific hardware capable of […]

8.1 billion order for Siemens Mobility comes from Egypt

May 30, 2022 at 11:08 am Largest order in Siemens history : Trains from Krefeld are built for Egypt The largest order in the history of the Siemens Group comes from Egypt: the trains are mainly built in Krefeld. Photo: Siemens/Henning Moser Krefeld Chancellor Olaf Scholz sent a video message and congratulated Siemens on the […]