Saudi Arabia abolishes flogging sentence

Saudi Arabia has abolished the much-criticized flogging sentence for comply with international human rights standards (against) corporal punishment, according to a Supreme Court document. The ultra-conservative kingdom has come under heavy criticism from NGOs because of human rights violations, including the existence of a flogging sentence applicable in the case of murder, public order or […]

He played in gymnastics, is stranded in Saudi Arabia and desperately begs to return

Sergio Vittor, who among other Argentine teams, played in Gymnastics, is stranded in Saudi Arabia, the country he went to play in January of this year and launched a desperate request to return. The La Plata-born footballer recently defined his situation as “a nightmare” and asked the government to be repatriated. “I do not mind […]

Oil prices cannot find a floor and companies falter

International benchmark Brent was down $ 1.99, or 7.98%, at $ 22.94 a barrel, after falling to $ 22.58, its lowest level since November 2002. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude in the United States was down 96 cents, or 4.46%, at $ 20.55, after falling earlier to $ 19.92. The price of crude oil is […]

Travel agents and coronavirus nervous airlines forces Saudi Arabia to suspend Umrah

Jakarta. Travel agents and airlines rushed to make adjustments when Saudi Arabia suspended the minor Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, or umrah, to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Nor are they sure if the Saudi government will open its border for the hajj pilgrimage in July. Indonesia, which has the largest Muslim population in […]