Photos: Making a home | The weekly country

Access to the main bedroom with a painting by Carlos Mínguez Carrasco. Door secured with a blue enamelled brick. Transforming an industrial space, a printing press to be more exact, of 227 square meters into a place for life does not seem, a priori, an easy task. And more if what is intended is to […]

reconstruction in eight questions

DECRYPTION – From securing the building to the resumption of the construction site through the police investigation, all the questions that arise. The security of the site, prior to the reconstruction of the building, has not been completed. Since March 14 and the covid-19 crisis, the construction site has come to a halt. Jean-Christophe Marmara […]

the Eurogroup, a great architect of European solidarity?

“If you are a European politician and you have not published this weekend or Monday an opinion on the essential solidarity that must manifest in the European Union (EU), you missed your life “, had fun on the social network Twitter Olivier le Bussy, who follows European affairs for the Belgian daily Free, upstream of […]

Radomir Antic, hero of Atlético’s double, dies

Lorenzo Sanz, José Luis Capón, Gregorio Benito and this Monday he left Radomir Antic (Zitiste, Serbia, November 22, 1948), Serbian technical innovator, architect of the best stage of Atlético until the arrival of Cholo Simeone, a privileged commentator despite his bad Castilian and a football lover, as mourning as society in general in these long […]

At war with boredom: smoky trip-hop, spaghetti and souvenirs

With a Nazi architect “Walking is forbidden, we still have the process, in particular that of the artists”, jokes Guillaume Monsaingeon, curator of “Steps, Steps”, in a video that serves as a substitute for the exhibition. Open on February 8, the cultural event closed its doors but is not treading water. Since it is no […]

Photos: The inhabited warehouse | The weekly country

The dining table is the T12 model, produced by the Danish firm HAY. The oak chairs, by Moller 77, and the lamp, by Louis Poulsen, are also Danish. The canvas is the work of homeowners (Mas-aqui Arte & Diseño), called Movement. In the Barcelona neighborhood of Gràcia, the book store was old, the courtyard was […]