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The rise of corporate wellness to pamper and protect the workforce | companies

The corporate wellness it was a residual concept before the pandemic. Something secondary within the Human Resources departments. However, with the great lockdown, remote work and millions of deaths around the world, companies have realized the importance of taking maximum care of their staff. Not only in terms of their physical health, but also in […]

Tamara Szarmach, business architect senior d’Isoskele

Tamara Szarmach, former director of commercial communication at Bricorama, joins Isoskele as senior business architect to manage cross-functional projects for clients of the La Poste group’s data marketing agency. Her digital expertise, acquired over 20 years spent in a communication agency and then in specialized distribution (automotive, green leisure, household equipment), notably led Tamara Szarmach […]

Tūrama, Kristin School Sports Hall | Collingridge And Smith Architects

Tūrama, meaning ‘enlightenment’ or ‘to illuminate’, designed for Kristin School, is a beautiful multipurpose indoor sports facility. Mark Scowen The brief from the client was simple, design a sports hall that is not a sports hall! Having used PVC canopies to cover other sports courts, the school did not want to replicate them again due […]

Krefeld: DRK builds disaster control center

April 25, 2022 at 4:00 p.m Head office in Krefeld : DRK builds disaster control center Sabine Hilcker (left) and Diether Thelen (centre) from the DRK district association in Krefeld. Photo: Samla Fotoagentur / Krefeld The Krefeld Red Cross is building a new building in Hüls. From there, primarily the civil protection should be […]

Model Copenhagen: Where should opera and drama go? | Regional

Frankfurt – It should cost 811 million euros! It is the largest construction project in the banking city: the construction of the new stages. What to do with the opera house and the theater? +++ BILD is now also on TV! Click here for BILD LIVE +++ also read Yesterday the city presented the future […]