The detailed history of our planet told in 300 maps

Since the creation of the first National Park in Yellowstone in 1872, protected areas have multiplied around the world. However, many threats still weigh on biodiversity. The Arenas / Croque Futur / Map legends EXCLUSIVE – The geohistorian Christian Grataloup details exclusively for Le Figaro Magazine the genesis and the objective of this encyclopedic project. […]

Hamburg gets a children’s architecture museum to participate – dpa

In Hamburg’s HafenCity, a hands-on children’s architecture museum is being built. With the “Hochform” architecture center on Strandkai, right next to the Marco Polo Tower, children and young people will be able to discover the world of architecture, urban development and construction projects in the click children’s museum, the Hamburg cultural authorities announced on Friday. […]

After appointing “Youssef Al-Bunyan” to replace him… Learn about the new position of the former Minister of Education, Hamad Al-Sheikh

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, issued a royal order yesterday, Tuesday, appointing Youssef bin Abdullah Al-Bunyan as Minister of Education, to succeed the previous minister, Hamad Al-Sheikh. A royal order was also issued to restructure the Cabinet and included the appointment of Hamad bin Mohammed bin Hamad […]

ArchitekTour Graubünden and Zurich – Switzerland

Graubünden and Zurich – Switzerland, 01.10. – 04.10.2022 Category: concrete in architecture Description:Visit the impressive modern architecture of Switzerland. Selected award-winning concrete structures and projects with forward-looking ideas and building materials will be exclusively presented to you. The innovative buildings in Switzerland are exemplary for the handling of existing building fabric in combination with new […]

Berner Heimatschutz – Series “Valuable Buildings”

Our building culture experts from the seven regions of Bern’s Heimatschutz have selected for you those small buildings, houses or developments that caught their eye during their advisory or voluntary work. Be it because of the careful handling of the building fabric, a respectful change of use or the loving care over decades.The “Valuable Buildings” […]

The city center of Angers against PVC

By Claire Bommelaer Posted on 09/16/2022 at 15:05, Update on 09/16/2022 at 15:05 The medieval house of Adam, in Angers, classified as a historical monument. Leonid Andronov – The city intends to put an end to thermal sieves while fighting against a possible disfigurement of its center. We will not know how many hours […]

Look up! as part of the European Heritage Days

The operation “Look up! was initiated in 2019 by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of National Education and Youth. These days aim to make students aware of the richness of our country’s heritage and its challenges: learning to read architecture, landscapes, discovering remarkable gardens, paying renewed attention to local heritage, tangible or intangible, […]

Residents can live in harmony with nature in water apartments standing in the ocean

Seapods can only be accessed by boat and a wearable ring controls the entire system of apartments. The Seapod apartments of the Panamanian company Ocean Builders enable a waterfront lifestyle without taking away larger areas from the ocean’s wildlife, as the houses are built directly into the water and provide a separate habitat for aquatic […]