Temporary Suspensions Announced for Players Involved in Canadian Junior Team Scandal

Despite the NHL’s delay in issuing an official verdict regarding the five players involved in the Canadian junior team scandal, suspensions have finally been announced. Indeed, journalist Rick Westhead, who was the first to report this disturbing matter, confirmed that all members of the 2018 Junior Team Canada are now temporarily ineligible to participate in […]

German companies depend on open markets

DJ DIHK: German companies depend on open markets By Andreas Kißler BERLIN (Dow Jones)–In the discussion about the conflict between the European Union (EU) and China, the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) has warned of new trade conflicts that would particularly affect the export-oriented German economy. “A global level playing field is very […]

First drag queens from ‘Make Up Your Mind’ show themselves

Which well-known Flemish people are hiding behind the glitz and glamour? It may seem like an easy question to answer, but the towering heels, plumes, sequins, updo, false eyelashes and colorful make-up make it anything but easy. A few days before the program starts, fans can already start guessing. Because who, for example, is under […]

Maintaining a stable weight increases longevity among older women – Health

Researchers at the University of California San Diego (USA) discovered that women who maintain their body weight after age 60 are more likely to achieve exceptional longevity. (You may be interested in: Keys to choosing a perfume that fits your way of being and expressing yourself). According to the study, published online in the Journal […]