how to earn money and how much does an influencer charge

Influencers are increasingly sought after by brands because they reach an audience that is not reached by other channels. The keys to the business Young people, increasingly removed from television, spend much of their free time consuming the content generated by “influencers”converted into the new celebrities 4.0. Thus, the marks look for these new rockstars, […]

Be careful before accepting a black or platinum credit card

Access to VIP lounges in airports, travel assistance and insurance, special savings and a high limit for making any type of purchase. The credit card “premium”, whether black or platinum, has countless advantages for its users. Although, also, its maintenance cost can be a fortune. It could be said that it is the “small letter“to […]

Kicillof, CFK, Larreta and others

The author Eduardo Sacheri makes an unforgettable reference to the concept of the passing of the years. There he assures that time is to blame for everything, “that insists on elapse, when sometimes it should remain stopped”, “that makes us the guachada of breaking the perfect, immaculate, unforgettable, complete moments”. Yesterday the academic Soledad Quereilhac, […]

For those who always want more, Movistar Prepago

Gigas and WhatsApp for free and gift credit. The new campaign comes with a novelty: the free Fire game available for prepaid Movistar customers By iProfessional 27/09/2022 – 15,15hs Movistar’s prepaid segment relaunches its campaign to provide the best benefits to its customers. With this, the promotions are reinforced to cover all the needs of […]

what can leave you without coverage

If the social work that provides the contribution to the Monotax is not well chosen, then you have to wait a year before being able to opt for another coverage By Dolores Olveira 13/09/2022 – 10,00hs One of the problems that taxpayers who adhere to the Monotributo refers to the social work chosen, since if […]

Billionaire heiress murdered in the US

The granddaughter of the late billionaire Joseph Orgill III, an elementary school teacher and mother of two, was kidnapped and murdered in the city of Memphis By iProfessional 07/09/2022 – 10,39hs The kidnapping y murder of one billionaire heiress US has shocked the residents of the USA and in particular those of the city of […]

what does an advertising expert do and how much does he earn

The leaders in advertising today are valued for their creativity, but also for their handling of new tools and digital worlds. have fluid communication with the different audiences is essential, but it is also key do it the right way: you don’t have to be too invasive, find the exact moment and channel and be […]

Farmers rely on apps to improve their production

Local agricultural entrepreneurs revealed their commitment to the use of apps to improve the results of their business models Latin American platforms maintain their growth rate and, according to a survey by the Precision Agriculture and Precise Machinery Project, 9 out of 10 producers use digital apps and platforms. The survey called “Use of Apps […]

the ANSeS numbers in red

While the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, creates new taxes to give bonuses to retirees, a official project to add a third moratorium to the two already in force heavily defunds the pension system. The Senate has already given half sanction to a government project called “Social Security Debt Payment Plan“, which proposes the acquisition […]