The first Mac ARMs would be released in 2021 with an improved A14

Bloomberg published a new article on Apple’s efforts to upgrade its Macs to ARM processors This is an old rumor that is becoming more and more precise, and Mark Gurman indicates that the first ARM Mac would be released in 2021 and it would be based on a variant of the SoC A14 designed for […]

Mary Lou McDonald, the woman who transformed the image of Sinn Féin | International

Sinn Féin leader, Mary Lou McDonald, this Monday in Dublin. In video, the nationalist party becomes a possible partner of the Government. Photo: Reuters | Video: EPV Every politician who succeeds is obliged to explain his epiphany. The moment that defined his convictions. In the case of Sinn Féin leader, Mary Lou McDonald (Dublin, 50 […]

Almudena Grandes: «Psychiatry was an armed arm of National Catholicism»

«Psychiatry was another armed arm of national catholicism». This is what Almudena Grandes says (Madrid, 1960), which publishes the fifth of its six ‘Episodes of an Endless War’, the galdosian narrative adventure with which it has been engaged for a decade. ‘The Bride of Frankenstein’ (Tusquets) is titled this installment that recreates the oprobious 50, […]

Milla Jovovich showed how to breastfeed a newborn daughter

Milla Jovovich became a mother for the third time: a 44-year-old Hollywood star gave birth to a daughter on a “beautiful date” – 02.02.2020. The first to share a photograph of the newborn baby was her sister Eva: 12-year-old daughter Jovovich and Hollywood director Paul Anderson’s posted a picture from the maternity hospital on Instagram. […]