The new Baikal processor was recognized as Russian. He will have a special status in public procurement

10/30/2020, Fri, 16:30, Moscow time , Text: Vladimir Bakhur The Baikal-M processor is officially included in the register of Russian-made industrial products with the status of a second-level integrated circuit, which automatically allows it to participate in any state import substitution programs. Suitable for service As CNews was told in Baikal Electronics, the Ministry of … Read more

“My husband and I are on the list of those who will be the first to get themselves vaccinated against COVID-19”

What is happening now in Permian medicine? And what can we expect next when the flu comes? The most pressing questions were answered by the Chief Sanitary Doctor for the Perm Territory Vitaly Kostarev, the Regional Minister of Health Oksana Melekhova and the chief freelance doctor – infectious disease specialist of the Perm Territory Valery … Read more