December 12, 2020 Horoscope fortune-telling! What constellations are likely to cause a catastrophic change? | ananweb – Magazine House

[# Anan fortune-telling, December 2020]Fortune-telling supervision, Michelle Hashimoto Michelle Hashimoto, who is familiar with fortune-telling and beauty, reads your destiny from the moon and the movement of the stars, fortune advice! We will give you advice from both horoscope and beauty ♪ ​​Click on your constellation! [December 2020]Horoscope summary [Movement of stars throughout December] Early […]

Argentina raises fuel prices by an average of 3.5%

Argentina raised fuel prices starting yesterday, Saturday, in an attempt to address the current situation of the country’s economy, which suffers from a large fiscal deficit. And the state-owned Argentine Energy Company (YBF) announced that it had raised fuel and diesel prices across the country, by an average of 3.5 percent, as of Saturday (yesterday). […]

Panan District, Chongqing, west of China Be in beauty with a chrysanthemum show | RYT9

Joyful life in western China’s Chongqing Among the beauty of the flowers in full bloom Through the 24th Chrysanthemum Art Exhibition in Banan District The exhibition, taking place from 28 October to 28 November, is the largest chrysanthemum exhibition in Chongqing. With more than 2 million chrysanthemums covering almost all the most beautiful cultivars from […]

A doctor refutes the “myth” of onions, garlic and lemon to strengthen immunity

Margarita Provoturova, laboratory medicine consultant at the Center for Molecular Diagnostics of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of the Russian Consumer Protection Authority, said that the acute strengthening of immunity with lemon, garlic, onion or ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is a myth, according to the Russian news agency “Sputnik”. . It is certain that […]

Does the 2022 race for the Presidency of the Republic begin?

Although it still takes almost two years for the next elections, analysts consulted by EL HERALDO consider that the political race for the Presidency of the Republic of 2022. For the political scientist and professor at the Universidad del Norte Ángel Tuirán “the latest movements of important actors on the Colombian political scene indicate that, […]