Mercedes gets 10,000 tons of lithium hydroxide per year from Rock Tech

Markus Schäfer, Markus Brugmann Mercedes board member Markus Schäfer and Rock Tech Lithium CEO Markus Brügmann have closed a deal on lithium supplies. (Foto: Rock Tech Lithium C) Gottfried Stoppel) Toronto The German carmaker Mercedes-Benz and the German-Canadian company Rock Tech Lithium based in Vancouver signed an agreement on Thursday for the future supply of lithium […]

Bosch invests three billion in chip production

Machine for plating wafers with gold The development center in Dresden is to be massively expanded. (Photo: dpa) Stuttgart, Munich The new Bosch boss Stefan Hartung is speeding up the expansion of the semiconductor division. “We will invest three billion euros in our chip production by 2026,” said the Bosch boss, who has been in […]

That’s why tech stocks are attractive to investors again

Big tech company logos Technology companies are growing faster. They generate the highest profits. But the shares are overvalued. Statements one and two remain true, statement three no longer. That should make investors sit up and take notice. Technology stocks on what is by far the world’s most important stock exchange, the American Nasdaq, have […]

Every tenth company relies on artificial intelligence

Systems for autonomous driving The use of artificial intelligence is particularly advanced in the automotive industry. (Foto: imago images/Science Photo Library) Berlin, Düsseldorf The proportion of companies in Germany that actively use artificial intelligence (AI) exceeded the ten percent mark last year. Compared to 2019, the number of companies using AI has almost doubled. This is […]

Injured in gunshots at South by Southwest tech festival

South by Southwest The Austin Convention Center during the SXSW 2022 tech festival. (Foto: Bloomberg) Austin Four people were injured by gunfire at the South by Southwest (SXSW) technology festival in Austin, Texas. Austin police arrested the suspected shooter about two hours after the crime. Authorities previously urged people to avoid the area. The injuries to […]

Managers have to position themselves politically

Düsseldorf Her warning could hardly be more topical: companies would be confronted with geopolitical risks in the future, says management consultant Katrin Suder in the current episode of the podcast “Handelsblatt Disrupt”. Managers must prepare their companies for this. If they don’t succeed, “it can happen that their business basis is switched off overnight,” says […]

Facebook abolishes controversial facial recognition system

Facebook In the past few years, the network had already scaled back facial recognition, which was introduced more than ten years ago. (Photo: dpa) Providence Facebook wants to stop its facial recognition system in the future and delete corresponding data from more than a billion users. It is one of the biggest changes in the […]

Berlin-based data start-up wins Atomico and Insight as investors

Hamburg Jay Gatsby stands for debauchery, luxury and the escape from rural poverty. Nevertheless, the fictional character invented by F. Scott Fitzgerald brought the Berlin start-up founder Hung Dang to the dry topic of data analysis. During his studies, Dang co-founded the event series “Party like Gatsby”, which spreads the flair of the 1920s in […]

Apple Update closes a security gap that has existed since February

Apple-Logo Owners of iPhones or iPads can download a software update to protect their devices. (Photo: Reuters) San Francisco Apple has closed a security hole that experts believe can be used to spy on messages on iPhones and other devices. According to expert estimates, this will affect around 1.65 billion devices worldwide. According to scientists […]

WHO opens early warning center in Berlin

Angela Merkel and Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus The German Chancellor and the Director General of the WHO opened the early warning center in Berlin. (Foto: Getty Images) Berlin The next pandemic is only a matter of time. The World Health Organization (WHO) early warning center opened in Berlin is intended to help identify these as early as […]