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Vidal won another public recognition

Arturo Vidal rises as one of the most important figures of Inter Milan in this 2020-2020 season1. Antonio Conte considers him an immovable man and, in October, he confirmed that condition as one of the players on the squad who added the most minutes. His good performance, but also the absence of variants, forced the … Read more

“More than a warrior, he looks like a kitten”: half Italian attacks Vidal and blames La Roja | Football

They do not forgive him for having gone unnoticed in the derby. The Chilean flyer Arturo vidal is being harshly questioned by a sector of the Italian sports press. This after the ugly defeat in Serie A of his team, Inter, against his lifelong rival, AC Milan. The ‘Rey’ team, led by Antonio Conte, was … Read more

Jorge Coulón responded to the Inter-Illimani cover of Alexis and Arturo

Inti-Illimani’s passage through Italy left its mark after his exile product of the military dictatorship that began in 1973. This became clear after the traditional magazine Guerin Sportsman You will remember them with a creative publication. Jorge Coulón, leader and founder of the mythical group, referred to the cover that brought them back to the … Read more

Lazio vs Inter Milan: When, where and how to see Arturo Vidal and Alexis Sánchez LIVE against Lazio

Although the Argentine Leandro Paredes, from PSG, sounds to reinforce Inter, it seems not to be a concern for Arturo Vidal, who is already much loved by his new teammates, in addition to being highlighted by Alexis Sánchez as a bastion for the Lombard team. In fact, lto Inter’s Twitter account, highlighted in a photograph … Read more

Live matches today October 4 I Universidad Católica vs Universidad de Chile highlights in the day

Attention Redgoleros! This Sunday, October 4, there is a lot of action for sports lovers, mainly football, with the visit of Inter Milan, Chileans Alexis Sánchez and Arturo Vidal, against Lazio for the Italian League and the University Classic. The second main course of the day, will be lived precisely with the version number 190 … Read more

Arturo Vidal’s tweet that caught the attention in Argentina: “He’s more Brazilian than anyone else” – Fútbol Internacional

© Photosport The Barcelona midfielder expressed his support for Flamengo, generating reactions on the other side of the mountain range and also among the Mengao fans. TVN 24.10.2019 Arturo vidal made it clear which team he will support in the grand finale of the Copa Libertadores 2019 after its last publication in Twitter, which … Read more

Domino Transfer Effect: Arturo Vidal Can Make Thiago to Liverpool and Wijnaldum to Barcelona

TWITTER.COM/TOTCOSTA Arturo Vidal is reportedly getting closer to Inter Milan after being released by Barcelona. BOLASPORT.COM – Arturo Vidal’s move from Barcelona to Inter Milan could be the key to the domino effect of midfielder transfers in 4 elite European clubs at once. Inter Milan on paper has secured Arturo Vidal in his hands. Tuesday … Read more

Arturo Vidal’s transfer from Barcelona to Inter Milan is blocked by this

Barcelona – Barcelona have confirmed that they will indeed sell Arturo Vidal, whom Inter Milan is interested in, this summer. However, there are things that still block him. What is that? Vidal’s contract was originally due to expire in 2021. However, the Chilean midfielder was not part of Ronald Koeman’s plans this season. Vidal has … Read more

Open Voices a la Arturo Vidal: There are only 13 professional players in Barcelona – Chilean midfielder Arturo Vidal has opened his voice about the problems that have befallen Barcelona recently. Barcelona is in a time of crisis. Defender Gerard Pique said the Blaugrana needed a change. Pique said that after Barcelona was crushed by Bayern Munich with a score of 2-8 in the Champions League quarter-finals, 15 … Read more