Fastest Asteroid Predicted to Hit the Sun

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Asteroid 2021 PH27 is listed as the asteroid with the fastest revolution period in the Solar System and is expected to be hit the sun as a result of unstable movement. The research team led by Scott Sheppard, an astronomer from the Carnegie Institute of Science in Washington, made the prediction […]

Lucky this time. An asteroid the size of the Cheops pyramid flew near the Earth

The asteroid flew close to our planet on Sunday at a very close distance. This space object is considered potentially dangerous due to its size. According to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, its possible height can be up to 220 meters, which is more than the pyramid of Cheops in Giza, Egypt. But despite the close […]

Whoa! A giant asteroid the size of a stadium approaches Earth July 24

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – On July 24, an asteroid the size of a stadium is expected to cross Earth. An asteroid called 2008Go20 is currently heading towards Earth at high speed. Reportedly the asteroid was traveling at a speed of 8 kilometers second or 28,800 km / hour. With that speed, anything that stands in […]

Friday black ‘by Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah (Asteroid Books) | Review

Literary Reviews Grotesque dystopias ‘ Friday Black‘brings together a dozen stories that surprise the reader with a recurring grotesque sense of humor to cover stories no less extravagant that open up customs and values ​​on the channel, such as racism, hatred of the different, consumerism … He does it with stylized machete blows . Friday […]

China to Launch Rocket to Save Earth from ‘Armageddon’

NASA / Goddard / University of Arizona NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft captured this image of asteroid Bennu in 2018. Asteroid Bennu, an 85.5 million tonne space rock, is now about 7.5 million kilometers from Earth’s orbit. Chinese space scientists plan to fire a rocket at the asteroid.—Chinese space scientists plan to fire 23 rockets into […]

NASA Ready to Fly Earth Threatening Asteroid Detector Telescope

NEW YORK – United States Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) approved the construction of a telescope known as the Near-Earth Object Monitor to detect asteroids that could pose a threat to Earth in the future. The 609.6 centimeter infrared telescope will help astronomers and planetary scientists detect “potentially hazardous” asteroids and comets within 48.28 million […]

NASA asteroid simulation ends in disaster: hits Europe | Science and Ecology | DW

There is currently no technology on Earth that can prevent an asteroid from wiping out Europa, according to a simulation by major space agencies. Fortunately, the asteroid was fictional. The space rock was invented by a team of NASA experts to assess whether we are prepared to deflect an impact from this type of celestial […]