Formula 1 2021: All information, routes, drivers, teams, rules

Formula 1 started the current 2021 season with 23 planned races. All information about the teams, drivers, cars, driver changes and race tracks can be found here. formula 1 2021: runs Sebastian Vettel still for Ferrari? Are there any rule changes in the 2021 season? Everything you need to know about the premier class in […]

Lunaz Aston Martin DB6 | Lead

As David Beckham’s car factory, Lunaz has made headlines in the world’s tabloids, even though the work they do in the manufactory is far more exciting than the person of its well-known investor. The company has been reported several times here by Lead: veteran luxury vehicles are being converted to electric propulsion, thus saving them […]

The hypercar was not introduced due to a pillar problem

July 8-11. This year’s Goodwood Speed ​​Festival was held between, and Aston Martin Valkyrie, among others, was presented to the general public. However, the loud speeding of the V12 hypercar could not be enjoyed by the visitors for a long time, as it crashed on the second run-up, essentially stopping on the track at the […]

Totalcar – Magazine – Aston Martin Valhalla is a 950 hp hybrid super sports car

These are fantastic crazy at Aston Martin, as everyone else is building a purely electric sports car, former manufacturers have never beaten the world and are already nailing the coffins of internal combustion engines, while in Gaydon there was a little hybrid, but all the more a V8 Valhalla. 10 Gallery: Aston Martin Valhalla technical […]

Neil Peart’s car collection heading to auction block

Famous the world over for his drumming skills and his contribution to the music and success of Canadian rock giants Rush, Neil Peart was also an avid car enthusiast. The musician, who died of cancer in January 2020, had a loving name for his cars, which evoked the sensation they gave him as he drove […]

Dacia has a new chief designer, coming from Aston Martin

Miles Nürnberger, who is leaving Aston Martin after 13 years, will become Dacia’s new director of design. Miles Nürnberg is expected to officially take over the position of Dacia Design Director from September 1 this year. He will replace Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, who left Dacia after less than twelve months. His departure was announced in April, […]

Totalcar – Magazine – Valkyrie AMR Pro: this is the roughest Aston so far

Looks like at Aston Martin, I don’t want to be completely wasted on the plethora of aerodynamic improvements that have been made to create the Valkyrie version for the racetrack. Thus, they are now utilized in a track-only version. 7 Galéria: Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro 2021 The AMR Pro version is both longer and […]

The main designer of the Totalcar – Magazine – Luxury brand has been certified by Dacia

According to Autonews, the Renault group has appointed Miles Nürnberger as design director for Dacia and Lada, who previously worked for Aston Martin for more than ten years. Nürnberger replaces Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, who, after six months, saddled from Dacia to Alfa Romeo, also a senior designer. Nürnberger began his automotive career at Ford’s Lincoln brand […]