“Senegalese Astronomer Receives Prestigious Award and Asteroid Named After Him”

Published on : 28/05/2023 – 15:19Modified : 28/05/2023 – 15:29 06:17 Maram Kaire introduces astronomy to Senegal © France24 He is the first Senegalese to have an asteroid named after him. His work enjoys international recognition and received the “Marcel Moye” prize awarded for the first time to an African. The Astronomical Society of France […]

“Get your Free Tickets for the Scientific Disclosure Talk on Black Holes!”

Free tickets for Scientific Disclosure talk / June 6, 7:00 p.m. Communications | News The Scientific Disclosure Talks are back + Carl Zeiss VI projector constellation show Free tickets HERE Tuesday, June 6, 7:00 p.m. Guest: Felipe Asenjo, PhD in Physics and Professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Sciences, Universidad Adolfo Ibañez. Topic: Black […]

“The Messenger: ESO Magazine Goes Digital After Almost 50 Years of Publication”

Announcement May 15, 2023 After almost 50 years of publication, the ESO magazine on science and technology, The Messengergoes digital and becomes available exclusively online, just in time for the launch of its 190th edition. The Messenger It was first published in May 1974 and became an essential link between ESO and its extensive community […]

At the bedside of the health of the waters of Lake Geneva

Par Sandy Plas Published yesterday at 7:12 p.m. , Update 4 hours ago A research technician at INRAE ​​in Thonon-les-Bains, Jean-Christophe Hustache pulls up a sampling tube, plunged 30 meters into the waters of Lake Geneva. Sandy Plas REPORTAGE – The border lake between France and Switzerland is facing a rise in surface temperature which […]

Scientists can’t explain the wind on Titan

Mysterious weather conditions on Saturn’s largest moon have haunted scientists for decades. But now there is a clue to unraveling these events. Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, has very strange winds that have puzzled scientists for decades. But a new study provides new clues about what is happening on Titan. Scientists believe that by unraveling the […]

The asteroid belt observed by the James-Webb telescope baffles astronomers

Fomalhaut — understand “the mouth of poissonpoisson » — is the brightest star in a small constellationconstellation visible from Earth, the Southern Fish. A starstar young located only 25 light years from our planet. She is known to astronomersastronomers — even amateurs — because she is the one around orbitorbit Fomalhaut b, the first exoplanet to […]

The discovery of two “super-Earth” planets

the date 5/6/2023 7:15:25 PM (MENAFN-Al-Bayan) An international group of astronomers has discovered two exoplanets orbiting a nearby dwarf star known as TOI-2095. The site stated that astronomers discovered the two planets outside the solar system, as they revolve around the dwarf star, by using the satellite dedicated to surveying the transiting exoplanets of […]

“Ocean Census Project Aims to Discover 100,000 New Marine Species in 10 Years”

The scientists involved in this new project aim to discover 100,000 new species in ten years. Courtesy Ocean Census. The project, which runs over ten years, aims to discover 100,000 marine species unknown until now. Four times more than the current rate of new identifications. Life in the depths of the oceans remains shrouded in […]

Is the mysterious dark energy constant in space and time?

In 2011, the Nobel Prize in Physics rewarded the discoverers of the recent acceleration, over the past few billion years, of the expansion of the observable Universe. We expected a continuous deceleration since the Big Bang. Contrary to what one might think at first glance by not reading the explanations of the Nobel committee, it […]

Missing Link: What the Radical Dark Energy Theory is all about

In February 2023, Duncan Farrah, Sara Petty, Kevin Croker, and a number of other authors published two papers claiming to have observed the source of dark energy. This is a very bold thesis that caused some media hype: “Do black holes explain dark energy?” “Radical Theory Suggests Black Holes as the Source of Mysterious Dark […]