Upcoming Blood Donation Collections in Jerez de la Frontera

The Center for Transfusion, Tissues and Cells of Cádiz has organized three new collections of blood donation for next week, between May 29 and June 1, in Jerez de la Frontera. The first point for blood donation will be enabled this Monday, May 29, in the neighborhood center of the neighborhood of Vallesequillo on Calle […]

“Stars Shine at Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami”

Share TwitterFacebook WhatsApp Apart from the exciting races on the circuit built around the Hard Rock Stadium in Florida, the stands of the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami, held last weekend, also became almost a ‘red carpet’ due to the numerous attended by stars from the world of entertainment, and many others from the […]

They order to tear down illegal constructions in Los Angeles, Soledad

The Soledad City Hall ordered, through the second instance of a legal appeal, to demolish the constructions that were being carried out in the property called ‘Los Angeles estate’, located in this municipality, after not complying with the legal requirements for this purpose. <!– Lea también… –> <!– –> <!– –>

The internal crisis suffered by hospitals in the Atlantic

Parallel to this context, the delay of the staff salaries of health and the non-payment of their social benefits are also part of the “agony” that dozens of people suffer, since their pleas are not usually heard by the managers of these public entities. A clear example of this reality is reflected in the hospitals […]


<!– ₲ 83.000 –> ₲ 83.000 $ 10,00 TAX FREE * * Price in U$ under Tourism Regime, Values ​​do not include VAT (mandatory tax for residents of Paraguay) * Price in US$ under tourism regime, Values ​​do not include VAT (mandatory tax for residents of Paraguay) The latest Ecopower universal remote control. Comprehensive care […]