executive sedan of the future – Autoreview

This is the second of three planned concept cars from Audi, which have a “spherical” theme. The Audi Skysphere roadster was first shown in August, and now we have an electric sedan, which is intended to show in which direction the evolution of the Audi A8 model will go. And it’s not just about design, […]

Totalcar – Magazine – The Audi Grandsphere represents a new style

Audi has shown its second foresight study after Skysphere. The Grandsphere is surprising in several ways – mainly because it is perhaps the first Audi to be without a grille framed grille in decades. 11 Gallery: Audi Grandsphere Study 2021 The Grandsphere is huge: 5.35 meters long and 2 meters wide, only its height of […]

Audi, when the challenge changes the company: this is how the advanced electric car is born

Jan Michel, Audi’s Chief Transition Architect, explained the goals, methods and new concept of brand leadership in a streaming interview. Changes necessary to adapt the company to the new phase that is affecting the automotive sector Andrea Tartaglia @andrea_tarta September 1st – Milano If the automotive sector changes dramatically, manufacturers have to adapt by changing […]

Error 404 – Autohaus Jacob Fleischhauer GmbH & Co. KG

our locationsChoose a dealership …CologneAutohaus Fleischhauer Cologne-Ehrenfeld, Fröbelstr. 15, 50823 Cologne-Ehrenfeld Volkswagen Center Cologne Central (Cologne-Ehrenfeld), Fröbelstrasse 15, 50823 Cologne-Ehrenfeld Volkswagen Center Cologne (Cologne-Raderberg), Raderberggürtel 31, 50968 Cologne-Raderberg Audi Center Cologne-Mitte (Cologne-Ehrenfeld), Weinsbergstrasse 160, 50823 Cologne-Ehrenfeld Audi Center Cologne (Cologne-Raderberg), Bonner Strasse 328, 50968 Cologne-Raderberg Car dealership Jacob Fleischhauer Cologne-Mülheim, Clevischer Ring 45, 51063 Cologne-Mülheim […]

VW California Models – Car Beer Cutter

our locationsChoose a dealership …Mühlhausen district NeumarktAuto beer cutter Mühlhausen near Neumarkt, Sulzweg 2, 92360 Mühlhausen district Neumarkt Used car center Dürrloh, Im Dürrloh 2a, 92360 Mühlhausen district Neumarkt BeilngriesAuto beer cutter Beilngries, Kelheimer Str. 35, 92339 Beilngries GredingAuto Bierschneider, Industriestr. 1, 91171 Greding Auto Bierschneider Greding Service, Industriestr. 2, 91171 Greding Used car center […]

Luxury cars: Criminals’ strange taste for luxury and high-end cars

Updated 05/08/2021 – 17:36 One of the largest collections of luxury and high-end cars in Spain. That is what the Civil Guard when dismantling a criminal network specialized in drug trafficking and money laundering. In total, the organized group had 121 vehicles, mostly high-end, which have been blocked. Among them were cars of the main […]

The new Audi RS 3 is the fastest compact of the Nürburgring

Shortly after the introduction of the new generation of the sharp RS 3 model, Audi boasts its first great success. This concerns a record entry on the famous North Loop of the Nürburgring. The Audi RS 3 in a sedan body design (sold here as the RS 3 Saloon) is the new fastest compact Nordschleife […]

Pizza supplier collides head-on with Audi – two seriously injured

Berlin – A driver who was not wearing seat belts was hit head-on with his vehicle in the Marzahn-Hellersdorf district of Berlin and was seriously injured. The car of the 26-year-old pizza supplier hit the sidewalk late Monday evening and tipped over on its left side, the police said on Tuesday. The driver was thrown […]

Audi Q4 Sportback 40 e-tron and Audi Q4 45 e-tron quattro

Following the April world premiere, Audi further refined the Q4 e-tron model range. Between the entry model Q4 35 e-tron (170 hp) and the top version Q4 50 e-tron quattro (299 hp), the 40 e-tron was already available at the time, a particularly long-range 204-horsepower variant. Originally, the latter – unlike the other two – […]