Man in arrest legalization hearing could have coronavirus – Investigation – Justice

A detainee stated in the middle of the arrest legalization hearing that could have coronavirus. Consequently, the procedure was postponed 15 days until the man is quarantined. Before the 26th court for control of guarantees, the Prosecutor’s Office presented a man to legalize his arrest for alleged sexual abuse; however, in the course of the […]

Javier Ordóñez has 9 skull fractures: Legal Medicine

He Secretary of Security of Bogotá, Hugo Acero, revealed this Friday that attorney Javier Ordóñez, victim of the case of police brutality that has shocked the country and the world, He died as a result of the blows that they gave him apparently, the policemen who took him to the CAI last Tuesday night. “There […]

MotoGP, Misano opens the doors: 10 thousand spectators for the two GPs

The Marco Simoncelli circuit for the double appointment on 13 and 20 September will allow access, not on the lawns, to a limited number of people Misano reopens (partially the doors). In fact, ten thousand people a day will be able to attend the double GP of the world championship in Misano, on the Marco […]

Three seconds before turning over, Martín Elías’ truck was going at 159K / H

The Fourth Criminal Court of Sincelejo has in its possession the technical report of the Toyota company that reveals that the truck in which the vallenato singer Marín Elías Díaz Acosta lost his life on April 14, 2017, would have exceeded the speed limits allowed when it was mobilized by the San Onofre (Sucre) -Lorica […]

Paulina Rubio meets with Colate and Jerry Bazúa in audience

This new episode of the legal battle that has been facing them for years has come after the golden girl managed to prevent her castings He traveled with the little boy to Spain to visit his family, claiming that the situation in the country in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic made him fear for […]

how the actress lives after discharge from the cancer center

The daughter of actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk recently paid a lot of attention to the blog. Anna publishes photos and videos, philosophizing and talking about how her days go. She doesn’t talk about mom. But more and more often shows the luxurious house in which the star of the series “My Fair Nanny” lives after discharge […]

Series ‘Ozark’ will come to an end with a fourth double season on Netflix

“Ozark”, the series on drug traffickers on Netflix that has received critical acclaim in its third season, will come to an end with a fourth round of episodes that will be divided into two parts of seven chapters each, the company reported on Tuesday. The streaming platform premiered the third season of “Ozark” this spring […]