Economy and corona crisis: Unlimited credits – for a long time

The corona crisis requires drastic measures – also in the economy. The federal government wants to support companies with loans – without limit. In the daily topics Finance Minister Scholz is certain: Germany can hold out. The federal government has promised the companies affected by the Corona crisis unlimited loans – a measure unprecedented to […]

Terror in New York: What is Known About the Attack

The New York security authorities publish more and more details about the terrorist attack: the identity of the perpetrator has largely been clarified, as has the course of the crime. But how did the man radicalize himself? What is known about the attack and what is not – an overview. On Tuesday afternoon, shortly after […]

Balance for 2019: fewer donors, less money

The number of donors for charitable purposes fell below 20 million for the first time in 2019. The amount of money donated also fell compared to the previous year. Older people in particular remain generous. The number of donors in Germany fell to a low last year. Only around 19.5 million people gave money to […]

Parents in crisis: those who are entitled to continued payment of wages

The federal government now wants to compensate for lost wages in the Corona crisis for longer if parents have to look after their children at home. Who is entitled? How much money is it about? It was not until the end of March that the federal government created clarity for parents on the forced break. […]

Basketball Bundesliga: clubs run out of players

What’s next in the basketball Bundesliga? The clubs actually wanted to end the season later, but it doesn’t look like that. Many Americans are leaving their clubs. The 17 clubs in the basketball Bundesliga want to get together again soon to discuss how to proceed with the coronavirus crisis. A video conference is planned for […]

Temperature record: 21.7 degrees Celsius in the Arctic

It has never been so warm on Svalbard. Meteorologists measured almost 22 degrees Celsius. From the scientists’ point of view, the new record shows that the Arctic is warming faster than the rest of the world. Svalbard has recorded the warmest temperature so far since weather records began. The peak value of 21.7 degrees Celsius […]

Advice on Nazi victim groups: Finally recognition for enormous suffering

Those who did not conform were branded, persecuted and tortured by the Nazis as “anti-social”. Today the Bundestag wants to decide that these people are also recognized as Nazi victims’ groups. By Barbara Kostolnik, ARD capital studio “Asocial”, “professional criminals”: These words still do not sound good today. And strictly speaking, it shouldn’t even exist, […]

Abuse complex Bergisch Gladbach: High penalties for child sexual abuse

On Friday, the regional court sentenced two defendants to long prison terms in the country’s first trial on the Bergisch Gladbach abuse complex. A man from Krefeld has to go to prison for thirteen and a half years. A prison term of fourteen and a half years was imposed on a Viersener. The two 39-year-old […]

With conditions: First brothels are allowed to reopen

The sex business is one of the last areas that was banned in the corona pandemic. With existential consequences for prostitutes and brothels. In some federal states, sex work will soon be allowed again – subject to conditions. Brothels are allowed to reopen in some parts of northern Germany. The northern states of Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, […]