Mojo smart contact lenses with AR display trialed for the first time

Mojo Vision, a California-based company that wants to make augmented reality (AR) capable smart contact lenses, has already conducted the first human trial of its technology. Last week, the company’s CEO Drew Perkins became the first person to use the contact lenses and shared his experience in a blog post. It was only a few […]

Top analyst: – Apple will soon launch its most complicated product ever

There have long been rumors and speculation that Apple is working on its own VR / AR product, but there are no official confirmations yet. Now there is new information from a credible source, and this time it even comes with a launch window. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo at the company TF International Securities recently published […]

Liver cancer: holomedicine provides 3D images during surgery | – Guide

Status: 05/17/2022 10:15 a.m Augmented reality in liver surgery: radiological images are converted into three-dimensional holograms. Thanks to holomedicine, the organ can be better seen and recorded during liver cancer operations. Put on glasses and surgeons can see the liver of the person to be operated on hovering three-dimensionally in the air: This is one […]

AMD’s Mero chip found in ar headsets | Hardware

Chipset would be a lost brother of the Steam Deck apu Written by Tom Kauwenberg on Monday 02 May 2022 13:52 The so-called Mero chipset from AMD has been found after a long time in a new system from ar company Magic Leap. AMD’s Mero code name was already in 2019 in a rumor sphere, […]

Real augmented reality glasses not for five years, according to Snapchat boss

The metaverse, there are those who talk about it, and those who do it. Snap is indeed at the forefront of these universes with augmented reality Lenses in Snapchat. The application offers a plethora of AR experiences integrating virtual objects in the user’s environment, or even directly on the user (clothes, makeup, hairstyles, or simply […]

New augmented reality shopping solutions on Snapchat

Social networks 02/05/2022 As part of its Snap Partner Summit, Snap showcased a series of new offerings making augmented reality creation simple, fast and cost-effective for businesses. Like Snap 3D Asset Manager, a web-based content management platform that allows brands to easily request, manage and optimize 3D models for any product in their catalog. Partners […]

Augmented Reality as a Sales Driver | MEEDIA

It is well known that virtual try-on with augmented reality is a nice additional feature and can possibly trigger more sales. A current study by Snapchat shows how strong this effect actually is on target groups between 15 and 25. The proportion of online sales that are concluded directly via social media will increase dramatically […]

The first hospital in metaverse

You will also be interested [EN VID√ČO] Apple Glass: everything we know about Apple’s future augmented reality glasses Apple Glass, Apple’s connected glasses, are not expected before 2021 or 2022. But rumors are already swirling about features, design and price. Imagine a completely virtual healthcare facility that allows you to immerse avatars in situation to […]

Snapchat: Five important advertising formats –

Snapchat is still a popular social media platform, especially among Gen Z. We describe five advertising formats that can be useful when addressing the young target group. A few years ago, Snapchat was the most hyped social media platform. In the meantime it has become much quieter. The channel is therefore not meaningless. A recent […]