Perils of Social Media: 13-Year-Old Girl Threatened for Refusing Nude Photos

A 13-year-old girl developed a crush on a “nice guy.” When she refused to send the requested nude photos, she was threatened. This case shows how perfidious some perpetrators use social media to obtain nude pictures of minors. A 13-year-old from Tyrol was “hooked” by a boy via Snapchat and fell in love. But the […]

Goalie injured & gone! – Austria pass machine Benatelli learned from Gündogan

Rico Benatelli’s passing values ​​are top in Austria’s Bundesliga. Against Lustenau this Saturday, Austria Klagenfurt will once again rely on the precision of the “highly intelligent” midfielder, who comes from the same place as a Barcelona star. There is alarm at the goalie position – one is out, the contract with another has been terminated! […]

Tourist Tragedy: British Man Falls to His Death in Dachstein Mountains

A 42-year-old British man died in Austria after falling from a hanging ladder in the Dachstein Mountains, a place very frequented by tourists looking for a good photo on Instagram. It may interest you: Tourist dies after falling from a cliff while taking a selfie The unknown victim was alone on the famous staircase, when […]

The CDU Unveils a New Look: Black Logo and Turquoise Party Color

The CDU is giving itself a new look. In the future, the People’s Party (380,000 members) will appear with black (instead of red) lettering. To the left: three bars in black, red and gold that show an ascending “Germany curve”. The background is the new party color of turquoise, a strange pastel shade. A user […]

Win now – Experience Winnetou’s stories with the “crown”.

Everyone knows Karl May’s stories about Winnetou and Old Shatterhand and many grew up with the adventures of the unlikely duo. Children and adults were also able to enjoy the performances on many open-air stages. In keeping with this, we are giving away interesting and exciting reading material for fans of the series. Karl May’s […]

FMA wants to “take a close look” at banks’ lending – Austria –

18.09.2023 16:33 (Akt. 18.09.2023 16:40) FMA sees no arguments for weakening lending standards ©APA/THEMENBILD The financial market supervisory authority wants to take a very close look at the banks’ lending in the next few months, “that will be a focus of our work,” said FMA board member Helmut Ettl on Monday in the business journalists’ […]

Diploma Ceremony: A celebration of education and community

In a celebratory event, the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Brixen celebrated the awarding of final diplomas to 200 graduates today. The location of the celebration, the historic Hofburg Brixen, provided a magnificent setting for this important day in the lives of the students and their families. At 10:45 a.m. sharp, a […]