The latest Honda CB300R is really brave, this is the price – Honda made a breakthrough with the introduction of the neo-retro sport bike, the CB300R. The new motorbike is the first liter of the CB300R assembled in India. Honda CB300R comes with almost the same bodywork as the previous model. READ ALSO: Honda Forza 125 Officially Launched This means that Honda has made some […]

Anchor and iVoox, among the best options for creating free podcasts

If you make the decision to create a podcast, whatever the subject, the best recommendation is to do it through a good platform: simple, hopefully free and be constant once you start it. Currently, in the content creation market there are hundreds of platforms that offer you tools that facilitate the creation or development of […]

Brexit ends UK ‘land bridge’ for Ireland-EU trade

The UK land bridge that offered traders the fastest route between Ireland and mainland Europe before Brexit will not re-emerge as a preferred option for moving goods, Dublin’s port chief said on Friday. The introduction of controls on some goods since the United Kingdom left the commercial orbit of the European Union at the end […]

How to Pay Motor Vehicle Taxes Online, Without Having to Go to Samsat All

JAKARTA, – Today the use of technology for public services is increasingly widespread and integrated. So, there is no need to bother with face-to-face dealing with things such as motor vehicle taxes. Through the digital vehicle tax service application, the National Digital Samsat (Signal), which was developed by the Korlantas Polri, owners no longer […]

Dasa will bring genomic medicine to Colombia with the opening of an office in Bogotá

With his division of genomic Medicine, Dasa announced that it will enter Colombia and Chile starting in February, to complement its presence in the region, in which it already operated through Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. “Dasa is investing US$40 million in the entire genomics operation, both in the acquisition of other companies and equipment and […]

Ad n ° 1702120 is not available

The ad # 1702120 you’re looking for is not available. We can think of such situations:– has been removed by the user or moderator,– waits for the moderator’s verification, when there is a suspicion that it violates the regulations,– the fee for a paid advertisement made via online payment or SMS is waiting for verification, […]

Up to 900,000 units in 2023: VW is significantly expanding e-car capacities in China

Volkswagen wants to significantly expand its production capacity for electric cars in China. In VW’s third Chinese e-car plant in Anhui, production will begin at the end of 2023, reports “Welt am Sonntag”, citing VW China. So far, VWE has been producing cars in the two factories in Foshan and Anting. “This means that our […]

How long is a person infected with a new variant contagious?

Since its appearance at the end of November, the Ómicron variant has caused an exponential growth in cases around the world. In the case of Argentina, where there is already community circulation of the strain identified in South Africa, more than 128 thousand infections were registered this Thursday, and at a global level, there was […]