Coronavirus: Belgian company wants to market a vaccine by autumn 2021

LOostkamp-based Ziphius Therapeutics announced on Tuesday its intention to market a coronavirus vaccine by the fall of 2021, reports the daily De Tijd. The information was confirmed by the company’s CEO, Chris Cardon. The company says it has achieved promising results after several tests and plans to start human testing in October. The company would […]

the fear of a second wave, “recurrence” in the fall?

“The risk of a second wave, which would strike a weakened hospital fabric, which would impose a re-confinement, which would ruin the efforts and sacrifices made (…), is a serious risk”, warned on Tuesday the Premier French Minister Edouard Philippe, during the presentation of his plan to gradually de-paralyze the country from May 11. Like […]

The Architecture Awards of the Girona counties are postponed to the autumn

The Demarcation of Girona of the College of Architects of Catalonia (COAC) has decided to postpone the celebration of the 23rd edition of the Architecture Awards of the Counties of Girona, following the situation generated by the declaration of the state of alarm. As reported yesterday, through a statement, the Board of Directors of the […]

Will there be any TV series in the fall?

Postponements or cancellations of sporting events and festivals, documentary filming stops, entertainment programs and television series … Audiovisual programming will be disrupted until the end of the year, warned France Télévisions on Friday April 17. → LIVE. Coronavirus: the latest news in France and worldwide Wishing to take the time to think about “After the […]

The Theater of Roses shows for the fall most of the spring shows

Most theatrical and musical performances that were to take place this spring at the Roses Municipal Theater have new dates, after being affected by the alarm decreed in mid-March. According to the City Council of Roses in a statement, the concert of Luís Paniagua will be held on September 26 and the performances of A […]

Culture reprograms itself and peers at its lifebuoy in a virus-free autumn

The coronavirus is primed with culture. It is one of the sectors that will take the longest to recover when the nightmare that paralyzes theaters, cinemas, filming, tours and concerts, and that has all kinds of events in the air. Waiting for public aid, the sector is holding its breath in the face of the […]

What role do children play in coronavirus spread?

According to the EU health authority ECDC, children have only a very small proportion of the Covid 19 cases recorded. Photo: Jörg Carstensen / dpa (Image: dpa) (Photo: Jörg Carstensen / dpa) Berlin – Initial data analyzes indicate that children are less affected by the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus than adults. Researchers led by Kári Stefánsson from […]

Postponed until autumn the ceremony of delivery of the Cervantes to Joan Margarit

September or October are the months that are considered for the celebration of the solemn delivery of the Cervantes Prize, postponed due to the coronavirus crisis. The poet Joan Margarit i Consarnau (Sanaüja, Lleida, 1938) will not collect the highest award for our letters from Felipe VI on April 23, as is tradition, at the […]