Marsilio writes to Speranza, anticipating the end of the red zone – Abruzzo

‘Data ok. Don’t treat us as Italy’s most dangerous region ‘ (ANSA) – PESCARA, 02 DEC – “We think we can produce data between today and tomorrow showing how Abruzzo, which last Friday was classified as belonging to the ‘orange’ category, shows even better data than last week and therefore we believe that it is […]

Coronavirus in Belgium: around 2,300 cases per day on average (infographic)

On average, 216.9 hospital admissions were recorded from November 24 to 30 (-26%). IThere was an average of 2,322 cases of Covid-19 diagnosed per day in Belgium from November 21 to 27 (-32% compared to the previous period of seven days), according to data from Sciensano published Tuesday morning. The positivity rate is still down […]

Will Wolfsburg remain unbeaten on matchday eight?

1. Bundesliga 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam challenges VfL Wolfsburg in the top game. With Turb. Potsdam, Wolfsburg is playing against a team at eye level – at least a look at the current standings of the two teams suggests this. Potsdam ranks third on the table with 16 points. Keeping the goalkeeper offensive in check […]

“I want everyone back to class” –

Minister Lucia Azzolina, from tomorrow 2 and a half million high school students are teaching from home. In the red zones even the boys and girls from the seventh grade will be in Dad. Was it not possible to do otherwise?«The situation throughout Europe is serious, the decisions we have taken have been difficult: even […]

Mortgage rates lower than ever

September 28, 2020 at 4:12 pm Mortgage lending : Mortgage rates lower than ever The conditions could hardly be better: mortgage rates are currently lower than ever. Photo: Robert Günther / dpa-tmn Frankfurt/Main Cheap, cheaper, mortgage – this is roughly how the development of interest rates for real estate loans can be summed up. However, […]

On the left, the bet without parties of youth

The return of the left is over. It began in the heart of August with environmentalists in Pantin (Seine-Saint-Denis). The last round of the merry-go-round took place at Charité-sur-Loire, in Nièvre. Thinking heads met, once again, for a weekend at the Festival of Ideas – a meeting organized by former Socialist deputy Christian Paul and […]

Women’s march in New York: “We still started to come out of the darkness”

The procession did not fail to boo copiously one of the towers owned by Donald Trump in Manhattan, south of Central Park. It was at the foot of the Trump International Hotel and Tower that the third edition of the Women’s March in New York began this Saturday. The demonstrators, including many women, will do […]