In pictures: couple making love disrupts EasyJet flight

Because the two entered the toilet together and other passengers saw this, it quickly became clear that something was going on. Amid loud cheers, a cabin attendant opened the door, catching the couple red-handed. The rampaging man quickly closed the door, but by then it was too late. Hysterical yelling and screaming broke out on […]

Three Russian planes through European airspace in one night

The airspace over Europe has been closed to all Russian aircraft since the invasion of Ukraine. Thunderstorms forced the pilots of three Russian aircraft to request permission to fly through Estonian and Finnish airspace. “The Russian Aviation Authority thanks the competent authorities of Finland and Estonia for their assistance,” the aviation authority said in a […]

Pegasus aircraft from Rotterdam diverts to Schiphol, cannot reach gate

Flight PC5302 departed from Rotterdam The Hague Airport to Antalya in Turkey around 8 p.m. on Thursday. Flightradar24 shows that the A320neo (TC-NBJ) flew over Dordrecht, Den Bosch and Lelystad, after which the aircraft finally landed at Schiphol around 8.45 pm. A spokesman for the airport says that the Airbus has landed at Schiphol as […]

Transavia cancels 210 flights in July and August

The latest cancellations concern flights to and from Schiphol and Eindhoven Airport. Rotterdam The Hague Airport does not appear in the overview on the website. The cancellations affect flights to all popular (sun) destinations. Travelers and travel organizations have now been informed. An alternative flight has been found for almost all travelers who had a […]

Share room wants European action against private jets

The PvdA and ChristenUnie submitted a motion for this on Thursday during a short follow-up debate in the House of Representatives on sustainability in aviation. The parties are concerned about the increase in the number of flights by private jets. Although a ban on these flights is not an easy option, according to Minister Harbers […]

Sunweb: little disruption in June due to canceled Transavia flights

Of the scheduled flights at Sunweb, which also includes Eliza was here, GOGO and Primavera, 2.5 percent is changed or canceled. The travel organization says that 99 percent of customers take another flight to their holiday destination the same day. According to Sunweb CEO Mattijs ten Brink, Transavia has already shared with the travel organization […]

Last weekend of air traffic at Maastricht Aachen Airport

The asphalt and concrete of the track are worn and need to be replaced. Other activities are also taking place: there will be blast pads constructed in the thirty meters before the start of the runway and the south turn head is enlarged to meet EASA guidelines. Contractor Dura Vermeer will do its best to […]

King Charles does not want a terminal at Heathrow named after him

Heathrow wanted to name Terminal 5 after Charles because of his upcoming coronation. However, the British king was not enthusiastic about this because of “environmental concerns”. The lack of “a connection” between Charles and Heathrow also made the king doubt. About ten years ago, Terminal 2 was renamed the Queen’s Terminal in honor of Queen […]